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Inbound Marketing & PR Services for HubSpot Customers

As masses of consumers and businesses search the Internet for products, news and information, organizations in every industry are shifting budgets away from traditional marketing strategies (print advertising, trade shows and direct mail) toward more measurable and effective Internet strategies.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing strategies in which consumers choose to learn more about you by conducting a keyword search online, subscribing to your RSS feed, downloading your case studies, opting into your email newsletter, watching your videos, listening to your podcasts, visiting your social network or commenting on your blog.

HubSpot is the driving force behind inbound marketing, and makers of the inbound marketing software that helps companies get found.

HubSpot Partner Agency

certified hubspot partner

PR 20/20, one of HubSpot’s leading partners, is an inbound marketing agency and PR firm specializing in content marketing, public relations, social media and search marketing.

We function as consultants for clients seeking to grow smarter and faster than the competition by concentrating on activities that build inbound links, drive Website traffic and convert visitors into leads.

Here’s a snapshot of our inbound marketing and PR services:

  • Blogging (strategy, promotion, copywriting)
  • Brand Marketing (positioning, messaging, brand names, logo design, slogans)
  • Content Marketing (case studies, eBooks, white papers, newsletters, copywriting)
  • Google Adwords (strategy, campaign management)
  • Link Building
  • On-page SEO
  • Publicity (press releases, media relations, speaking strategy)
  • Social media (strategy, training, education)
  • Websites (strategy, design, programming, landing pages, content management system)


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'The Marketing Agency Bluprint' book cover
by Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO, PR 20/20

“required reading for anyone building the next-generation marketing services firm.”
Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder, HubSpot