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Paul Roetzer

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Paul RoetzerPaul Roetzer
is founder and CEO of PR 20/20. He started the agency in November 2005 with a vision to evolve the PR industry, after seven years at a traditional PR firm. He is the author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, and is a graduate of Ohio University's E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Paul also frequently speaks at local and national venues on the topics of inbound marketing, content marketing, public relations, social media and marketing agency management. Book him for your next event.

You can read more about Paul's thoughts on entrepreneurship, and his vision for PR 20/20 and the industry in his interview with IdeaMensch or profile at

Paul’s Favorites:

  • Color: Blue
  • Season: Fall (not even a contest)
  • Class/subject in school: Biology 170—liked it so much he took it twice
  • Subject in life: Tie between human behavior and the universe—Paul loves things he can’t always comprehend
  • Food: Anything with turkey
  • Vacation spot: Santorini, Greece
  • Book: Drive by Daniel Pink
  • Movie: Rocky IV

People Who Most Inspire Paul:

  • Steve Jobs, because he always saw what was possible, and refused to live within the limitations of traditional wisdom and conventional solutions.
  • His mother and wife—who challenge him to be a better person, and never let him lose sight of what truly matters in life.
  • Barry Sanders, NFL Hall of Fame Hall running back for the Detroit Lions. Says Paul: “He was my role model growing up. I was always intrigued by his vision, professionalism and humility. In my eyes, he was the greatest running back of all time, and yet he never celebrated a touchdown, showed others up on the field, or flaunted his wealth and success. And, when the time came, he walked away on his terms. It was never about the money, it was about the love of the game.”

Paul’s Passions:

Professionally, Paul is most passionate about helping people unlock and embrace their potential; personally nothing matters to him more than family, the people who have provided him with unconditional love and support through the years. He also enjoys golf and reading.

Proudest Professional Moment(s):

Paul isn’t really a “live in the moment” guy, and doesn’t typically understand the impact of events until some time later. But:

  • In 2010 he received the Smart Business Rising Star award, and felt the experience was a tribute to what we had built as a team at PR 20/20.
  • He spent seven years as a member of the Westfield Junior PGA Championship PR team, and appreciates that time because it was filled with indelible moments created with people who will be life-long friends.
  • Paul also cherishes the time we spend as a team outside of the office at events and traveling for conferences.

Proudest Personal Moment:

His wedding day—though he’s sure there are things that didn’t go as planned, in his my mind, it was perfect—and the birth of his daughter, Eila, in January 2011.

Advice for Young Professionals and Students:

The only limitations in life and business are those that you place on yourself. Anything is possible if you love what you do.

What the Rest of the PR 20/20 Crew Says About Paul:

  • Paul is inspiring. He’s incredibly driven and passionate about what he does, and challenges others around him to achieve their own personal potential. He “makes us believe we can conquer the world" and "motivates us to strive for personal and collective success."
  • His unwavering commitment to elevating the industry, the agency and his employees. "His vision of the marketing industry is inspirational, and I am constantly learning new things from him each day. He is as passionate about his employees' careers as he is his own, and provides the tools needed to foster growth across the entire agency."
  • He’s “one of the most loyal individuals I have ever encountered.”
  • Paul is generous, selfless and determined. He’s a great role model, and knows how to balance being a boss and a friend. He looks to his team as equals. "Paul's laid-back demeanor and sense of humor make him an approachable boss, an effective mentor and a friend."
  • His thoughts and actions are genuine. He cares about each one of his employees, our families and personal success. “He is just one of the nicest people I know.”
  • He leads by example. "His actions toward employees, clients and others are a continual, and powerful, reminder of how to treat others."
  • "Paul is a natural leader who leads by example, not by words. He is fair, intelligent, thoughtful and transparent."
  • He listens to Lil Wayne while drinking hot tea.

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“required reading for anyone building the next-generation marketing services firm.”
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