• Navigating Copyright Law and Image Use

    Images. From blog posts and web development, to landing pages and calls to action, digital marketers are frequently using images to attract attention, maintain interest, outwit eye patterns and engage viewers.

    Too bad a lot of us have broken the law doing it. I spoke with Sharon Toerek, a legal expert who works with marketing agencies and departments to navigate the legal issues associated with marketing and advertising.  

  • After the Cutts Crackdown, Is Guest Blogging Still Worth It?

    Well search engine spammers, your antics have again made SEO all the more difficult for everyone, just as you did with your link schemes and keywords stuffing. You’ve taken guest blogging, a viable and effective marketing activity, and limited its overall potential impact.

    To take advantage of guest blogging’s benefits without suffering the SEO consequences (possible penalties), your approach must become more targeted and authentic. Following are some best practices to keep in mind to help maximize guest blogging’s potential impact.

  • What Do Businesses Need to Know About Building a Mobile App?

    You and your marketing team have come up with a unique idea for a mobile application that target audiences or customers have been clamoring for. An app that is sure to solve major pain points, simplify the education and buying process, and/or create a new revenue stream.

    Or, your boss has a really cool idea for a game where you line up and crush similar-looking candies, earning points so you can advance through a Candy Land-type place.

    But where do you turn next?

  • How Can I Generate Blog and Email Subscribers?

    We all want more blog and email subscribers, but how do you motivate your audience to take this step? Here's one quick and easy trick that has helped our clients dramatically increase blog and email subscribers.

  • Case Study: How a Manufacturing Equipment Distributor Increased Traffic, Leads and Sales

    A PR 20/20 client case study from long-time client, Industrial Heat Sources. It outlines how a manufacturing equipment distributor increased traffic 123%, leads 243% and sales 27%, through strategic inbound marketing. 

    • Objective: Drive brand awareness, website traffic and organic lead volume in an effort to surpass pre-2008 economic collapse sales revenue. 
    • Campaign Activities: Website, blog posts, ebooks, lead nurturing, enewsletter, SEO, social media, video, resource content and custom website tools.
    • Results: Website traffic +123%, leads +243%, sales +27%, and by the end of 2011 sales had surpassed 2008.  

    "I’ve worked with PR 20/20 for more than six years, and am continually impressed with their work, professionalism and vision. In 2010, my faith in them led me to take a risk and evolve my marketing efforts away from traditional advertising to include activities like SEO, social media and content publishing. I’m an old-school numbers guy, and the proof is in the results.” 

    - Ken Paine, founder and CEO of Industrial Heat Sources

  • (Not Provided) on the Rise: 4 Tricks to Compensate for Lost Keywords

      “Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those that will listen, the enunciation of truth.” —V for Vendetta   But what happens when the words are silenced? As we’ve all likely read, Google is quietly moving t…

  • The Campaign Flowchart: How to Create a Granular Marketing Dashboard

    I try to use flowcharts in everything I do—electrical wiring system configuration, sewer navigation, and tracking marketing campaign performance. I’ve found that they create an extremely systematic means to visualize and make sense of marketing performance data, so that data-driven marketers can better associate metrics with specific campaign activities to measure their true impact.

    In this post, I’ll walk you through the five steps needed to create a granular marketing dashboard flowchart, which can then be used to supplement your existing campaign performance tracking efforts. 

  • The Hexadeci-Stuffed Oreo: A Perfect Company Website Model

    I love Oreos, and one of my crowning achievements as an adult was creating a hexadeci-stuff Oreo (pictured right). On one magical day last year, I combined 8 double-stuffed Oreos into one—the equivalent of 16 cream fillings.  As I recently reflected on this epic Oreo, which could…

  • Marketers Need to Learn to Code: How to Get Started

    Hello World! There is a significant push right now to learn to program, led in large part by code.org. Their video below features some of the most accomplished technology innovators, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and the Miami Heat's Chris Bosh, and has been viewed over…

  • Schema.org SEO Markup: What Non-Coder Marketers Need to Know

    When the world’s largest search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo! and more, collaborate on an initiative to improve the indexability of the web, marketers should take notice. In June 2011, these search giants did just that, and the result was a new microdata mark-up called Schema…