• Is There Room in PR for Content Marketing?

    Guest post by Keith Ecker of Jaffe PR

    The buzzword on every marketer’s lips is content marketing—and with good reason. Never before have brands been able to so easily transform themselves into de facto content creators through the use of affordable publishing and distribution tools, such as blogging platforms, Twitter and LinkedIn. Meanwhile, the definition of what constitutes a traditional media outlet continues to be flipped on its head as websites, blogs and social media sites become go-to reads for consumers and key decision-makers.

    So, what does this shift in the way information is produced and consumed mean for the world of public relations? If audiences are more prone to read a Twitter feed over the New York Times, is it time for all us publicists to hang up our hats and call it a day?

    While it’s no longer business as usual for the PR industry, I’d argue that this is one of the most exciting times to be a publicist. Rather than fight the inevitable changes, I recommend embracing these changes as an opportunity to redefine the profession. Content marketing isn’t making PR obsolete; it’s forcing it to adapt to make itself more effective than ever.

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    But, with the outreach off the table and everything relying on one real-time conversation, how can you ensure your SME's success? Without overwhelming him or her too much—and potentially adding to the nerves of the situation—here are a few simple tips to share to ensure confidence before, during and after a media interview.

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    While it's essential for influencers like those above to push the envelope, and aim to move our industry forward by encouraging savvy marketers to adopt new technologies, strategies and tactics, there's a major concern with getting caught up in these trends: We're leaving our peers behind.

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