• 3 Ways to Spice Up B2B Content—With Examples

    Just because you’re a B2B organization (or market for one) doesn’t mean you have to be boring. In fact, because B2B is stereotypically dull and uninteresting, the content that defies those stereotypes shines all the brighter.

    Here are three ways to spice up your B2B content and do just that—along with examples of who’s doing it right.

  • What Medium Says About the Future of Content Marketing

    Medium is a social publishing platform created by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. It was built to solve a problem: There’s too much noise. 

    How can online content consumers separate what matters to them from what doesn’t? Web giants (Google, Facebook and LinkedIn) and startups (Medium) alike are tackling the problem. By doing so, they’re having a powerful impact on how marketers do their jobs. Medium is a poster child for a changing content landscape—and can give us insight into what’s coming next.

    What is Medium, why does it matter, and how does it affect marketers?

    Read on to find out.

  • Need to Scale Your Content Marketing? Start Repurposing.

    Repurposing is content marketing’s version of a remix or mashup. You change, combine or reuse existing content in new ways. You publish these creations to new channels or formats. 

    Repurposed content reaches more leads in more places and extracts more value from content marketing investments. Most importantly, it scales. An ebook begets infographics which (with narration) beget videos, etc.—all in exponentially less time than each asset would take to create in a vacuum.

    So, how do you find content to repurpose?

  • The Changing Landscape of Journalism & PR

    We recently caught up Derek Singleton (@B2BMktMentor), Marketing Analyst at Software Advice, to hear his thoughts about content marketing and how it’s changing the traditional roles of PR and journalism. Derek reports on B2B marketing technologies and trends. His work has appeared in The New York TimesCIO and The Huffington Post.

    Here’s what he had to say.

  • 5 Takeaways from the Front Lines at Content Marketing World 2013

    Find out the top 5 takeaways for your content marketing efforts from this year's Content Marketing World 2013, complete with links to the best wrap-ups and session notes.

  • The Blogging GamePlan: How to Write a Knock-Out Post

    Are you in the market for some blog writing guidance? This post gives you a ready-made template for producing quality blog content step-by-step from idea to execution.

  • How to Think About Marketing Data: 4 Lessons from Sherlock Holmes

    Find out what Sherlock Holmes can teach you about analyzing and extracting insight from marketing data.

  • You Are Not a Bot. Stop Marketing Like One.

    Based on the capabilities of our current machines—and thanks to Moore’s Law—bots, software and other machines already do a significant number of jobs traditionally reserved for people. That trend is only accelerating, in every field from automated stock market trading to bots that write poetry.

    And the machines are in marketing’s backyard now, too, thanks to marketing automation, data mining and marketing intelligence engines.

    We are wholly unprepared for this. The technology is already running parts of our campaigns. It’ll only run more in the future. But the technology isn’t just a tool anymore. It’s also a competitor. 

    Where do you personally add value right this moment? Chances are, a bot already has its eyes on your job. 

  • Blogger Outreach: A Tactic to Keep Your Strategy Fresh

    Guest post by Kristen Matthews of GroupHigh

    As outbound marketing tactics become obsolete, establishing relationships with bloggers who can promote your brand via word of mouth is becoming more important than ever.

    Now that modern consumers are wired to tune out traditional ads and have the self-empowerment to research brands on their own, marketers and PR professionals are scrambling to fill the internet with good content about their brands and their client’s brands.

    The sweet spot lies in not only producing content that subtly links back to your brand but also establishing a balance of content about your brand produced by others. It all comes down to the fact that humans trust word of mouth recommendations over self-promotional garble.

    This is where blogger outreach comes in ...

  • Developing Your Marketing Superpowers: Resources for Young Pros

    Batman’s half ninja, half engineer. Tony Stark’s part man and part machine. Today’s marketers need to be hybrids, too. It’s a professional philosophy young marketing pros need to embrace.