• Roetzer to Participate in Annual Super Bowl Ad Review

    Paul Roetzer, PR 20/20 founder and CEO, and author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, will participate in the Cleveland American Marketing Association (AMA) Annual Super Bowl Advertising Review Panel on Monday, Feb. 3 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Revenge of the Laggards: The Current State of Dataviz

    Fifteen years ago, the presentation of data wasn’t terribly democratic, sophis­ticated, and interactive, especially compared to today. Tech-savvy analysts and IT professionals generated static diagrams, graphs, and charts for quarterly or annual meetings or “special events.” Back then, cutting-edge dataviz wasn’t part and parcel to many jobs. There just wasn’t that much data, especially compared to today.

    In a way, this was entirely understandable. Yes, the late-1990s saw the advent of modern enterprise reporting and BI applications adroit at represent­ing mostly structured data. In most organizations, however, relatively few peo­ple regularly visualized data, at least not on a regular basis.

    My, how times have changed.

  • Seeking Case Studies for New Book on Marketing Performance

    Paul Roetzer is looking for contacts and case studies to feature in his new book (Wiley, coming August 2014) that presents the processes, technologies and strategies to fill marketing gaps, and build performance-driven organizations. 

  • PR 20/20’s Marketing Score Report Reveals How Gaps in Talent, Technology, and Strategy Impact Performance

    Key performance indicator (KPI) weaknesses at every stage of the marketing funnel affect the ability of organizations to achieve business goals, according to a study released by PR 20/20. The 2014 Marketing Score Report takes an inside look at how 318 professionals rate their organizations across more than 130 factors.

    The report features analysis of how high performers excel in key marketing metrics; offers insight into 2014 marketing strategies; and identifies tips to improve overall marketing performance.

  • 15 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Performance

    According to The 2014 Marketing Score Report, which we released this week, 64% of organizations have aggressive (>20%) or moderately aggressive (15-20%) growth goals for the next 12 months.

    However, as we learned in analyzing hundreds of marketing assessments, key performance indicator (KPI) weaknesses at every stage of the marketing funnel may be affecting the ability of organizations to achieve their performance goals.

    The 2014 Marketing Score Report takes an inside look at how 318 marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs rate their organizations using 132 factors across 10 sections. This chart shows the average factor ratings of nine select factors from the Marketing Performance section.

  • The Art and Science of Content Marketing Collide

    Content marketing has reached a tipping point. From large enterprises to agile startups, budgets are swelling and companies are competing to capture consumers’ hearts, minds and wallets.

    While brands in every industry rush to fill the top of their marketing funnels with content-driven leads, the savviest of organizations are taking a more technical, scientific approach to personalization, automation and analytics at all stages of the funnel.

    They are using content to connect with and engage internal and external audiences, and in the process fueling growth by selling more products and services to more people more often. Which, in the end, is what marketing is all about.

  • Is Your Digital Marketing Working?

    In one of the most comprehensive industry reports we've seen, Adobe explores how more than 1,000 marketers feel about their marketing. While 76% of marketers believe measurement is important, just 29% believe they are doing it well. Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night uncovers clear gaps in marketing talent, technology, strategy and performance.

  • 5 Steps to Startup Marketing Success

    Startups have to be highly efficient and effective in their marketing efforts, and that requires a strategic and methodic approach. We recently partnered with Bizdom Cleveland to present Startup Marketing Series: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Marketing Success. The series featured three live sessions covering the foundational pieces of a successful marketing program: The Assessment, The Scorecard and The GamePlan.

    For startups, it's all about aligning business goals with your current assets. This post summarizes 5 crucial tips from the series.

  • Pursue Purpose: Build a Business that Matters

    Following is an excerpt from Chapter 10 of The Marketing Agency Blueprint. Thanks to our friends and partners at Wiley, you can download the chapter in its entirety. I was inspired to share this chapter after spending the week at Inbound 2013. The incredible talks we heard from Seth Go…

  • How are Gaps in Marketing Talent, Technology and Strategy Impacting Your Business?

    In December 2012, we released PR 20/20's Marketing Score assessment tool into public beta. Since that time, nearly 700 marketers and executives have registered for free to evaluate their organizations, and we're starting to learn some fascinating things. This fall, PR 20/20 will publish the inaugural Marketing Score Report based on more than 300 in-depth marketing assessments.

    You'll gain unparalleled insight into how marketers and executives rate their organizations across 132 factors in 10 sections: Business Cores, Audiences, Marketing Performance, Marketing Cores, Lead Sources, Marketing Team Strength, Marketing Technology Utilization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Public Relations.