• Media Relations Tips for Introverts

    A community event, a new product launch, an important official coming or going from a position of power—these are just a few examples of news your organization may want to share on a large scale.

    You’re ready for these moments with processes that have become all too familiar. You craft the perfect pitch, put pen to paper, and the words flow out in just the right formulaic manner. Press release? You’ve got this. Media advisory? Piece of cake.

    But then you have to pick up the phone and make that ever-important call that can make or break your company’s chance at coverage. 

  • Marketing Students and Young Professionals: 7 Skills to Master Before You Submit Your Resume

    Shifting landscapes, evolving trends and new technologies make preparing for a career in marketing a true challenge in today’s job market. You need to anticipate future needs, and step outside of classroom curriculum to truly stand out from the crowd.

    With so many options, it may be overwhelming to know where to begin, where to dedicate your time, and what HR departments will really be looking for in potential candidates. 

  • College Students: How to Market Yourself for Professional Success [Ebook]

    There is no question that today’s jobseekers face challenging times. Not only have positions become increasingly competitive, they have also become increasingly specialized, dynamic, and rapidly evolving to meet new world demands. The toughest element in this type of job search? There is no road map to show you the way. Instead, the map is created by each professional’s unique journey and set of developed skills.

    Learn how you can prepare yourself for a career you love.

  • Network to Your Next Job: Informational Interview Tips from Professionals

    Whether you are a student seeking an internship or first job, or a seasoned professional looking for a job change, insight into your options can be critical for success. A simple conversation can help determine where you stand in your field and, more importantly, where you could go.

  • 3 Ways to Help Your Local Business Get Found in Search

    Anyone who has attempted local search efforts for their own business or a friend’s knows how rewarding, albeit slightly confusing at times, it can be to set up and strategize for the search masters.

    Especially for the town mom-and-pop, small business, or business with a niche geographic focus, local search optimization is incredibly important to help you get found by the right audiences.

  • Improve Your Marketing Efforts Through Partnership

    It’s time to stop hoarding those “company secrets” and start sharing ideas. Have you thought about your target audiences lately? This is just one of the many ideas that will come top of mind as you read Andrew Davis’ (@TPLDrew) book Brandscaping.

    What is brandscaping, you ask? As defined by Davis, brandscaping is “a process that brings like-minded brands and their respective audiences together to create content that increases demand and drives revenue.“ As you learn to “unleash the power of partnerships,” you may find yourself exploring a new range of powerful possibilities for your marketing efforts. Below, I outline 10 of my favorite quotes from Brandscaping.

  • 3 Tips to Market Yourself in an Interview

    The time has arrived. It’s your chance to earn an interview with Super-Fantastic-Dream-Company. You’ve heard all of the advice about how to calm your nerves, conduct background checks on the company before sending anything, and to keep in touch afterward to continue the conversation, but you still wonder what more you will need to know as you go through the application and interview process.

    This article offers three tips on how to market yourself, so you can truly stand out from the moment you apply.

  • 2013 Digital Marketing Conferences [Downloadable Database]

    Our 2013 digital marketing conferences database—available as a free, downloadable and sortable Excel sheet—includes more than 60 conferences from around the world, chosen based on their professional relevance, speaker base, educational components, networking opportunities, and overall excitement within the industry to help you determine the best ones to attend for you and your team.

  • Facebook Management Lessons Learned from Charmed

    Facebook community management lessons learned from the TV show Charmed, including: embrace the positive and negative, know when to delete, and prepare for negativity and spammers by creating your own Book of Shadows. 

  • 3 Key Success Factors to Finding Your Perfect Job After College

    As a recent grad, I know that a lot more than classroom knowledge played into preparing me to take on this next chapter of my life as an associate consultant here at PR 20/20. Here are what I consider to be the top three factors that led to landing my first job.