• Get Liked: Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy

    Thanks to social, today’s marketing pros have the power to shape a virtual identity. Social media is the convenient meet-up for both personal and professional networking needs. It offers information sharing and personal connection. 

    Unfortunately, too many brands are fumbling their way through social without a strategy or a purpose. Whether you’re perfecting a company image, or your own personal brand, there are ways to be more relatable, and likeable, on social.

    Here are three tips to make your efforts more focused, strategic and brand-centric.   

  • Beyond the Close: Build a Customer Loyalty Program

    Study after study shows that existing customers are a company's most valuable asset. Marketing Metrics found that the likelihood of making a sale with a current customer is 60% to 70%, while selling to a new prospect is only 5% to 20%. MarketingProfs reported that loyal customers spend about 10 times more during their lifetime. Build a deep brand bond with a solid customer loyalty program.

  • How To Power Content Marketing Productivity & Creativity

    Forces outside our control, and beyond our capacity, often lead to stress-induced, inefficient writing. The 2014 CMI Benchmark Report (B2C) found “lack of time” to be marketers’ biggest challenge this year (57%), followed closely by “producing the kind of content that engages” (51%). “Producing enough content” ranked fourth (45%).

    Luckily, there are ways to refocus content efforts across your team, relieve all three of these challenges, and perform at optimal efficiencies company-wide. Here are three tips to make the most of your content productivity.

  • How to Organize & Strategize Your Content Marketing [Downloadable Tools Guide Included]

    Explore your options. Download our free content marketing tools guide, which spotlights 8 content marketing solutions. The guide includes key software features related to organization, workflow management, editing, measurement and more. We've even included pricing information (if available) and whether each solution offers a free trial. Each tool offers features that can, if used strategically, truly advance your content marketing practice.

  • Are You Breaking the Rules for Outsourcing Branded Content?

    What are the universal standards for outsourcing content? Between Google algorithm updates and perceptions in the marketplace (such as seen in the Journatic controversy) some might be apprehensive to try outsourcing at all. But, if done right, outsourcing can be beneficial for your business in the long run.

  • Why Every Content Marketer Should Have Newsroom Experience

    Marketers are excited about the content marketing movement. Journalists might see it differently.  I recently entered the marketing world (and the professional world, for that matter) with a journalistic background, and quickly realized the tangled relationship between these two neighb…

  • Content Marketing World 2012: That’s a Wrap

    Recap of Content Marketing World 2012, featuring key quotes from speakers, takeaways from the PR 20/20 team, and links to notes from the event.