• Check Your Pulse on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

    LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out Pulse, the network's content-publishing platform, to all of its members. With 30,000 average views per post for LinkedIn's influencer program—even a fraction of that reach is great potential for everyday thought leaders (and their brands). Thinking about how to take advantage of Pulse? This post outlines a few considerations as you add another platform the the marketing mix.  

  • 3 Ways to Spice Up B2B Content—With Examples

    Just because you’re a B2B organization (or market for one) doesn’t mean you have to be boring. In fact, because B2B is stereotypically dull and uninteresting, the content that defies those stereotypes shines all the brighter.

    Here are three ways to spice up your B2B content and do just that—along with examples of who’s doing it right.

  • 4 Crisis Communication Lessons from Heartbleed

    If you have an online account, you’ve received an onslaught of communications about Heartbleed, a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. The bug, which allows for the stealing of information normally protected by SSL/TLS encryption, was just brought to light when almost simultaneously discovered by security firm Codenomicon and Google researcher Neel Mehta.

    But Heartbleed offers important crisis communication lessons to marketers that are extremely applicable in a hyper-connected world where panic spreads like brush fire. Whatever the crisis, here's how to handle it.

  • 6 Ways to Ruin Your Next Media Pitch

    Nobody’s perfect, but there are things that many marketers and PR professionals do that annoy journalists. To break the cycle and help strengthen your relationships with the media, we spoke with a few media contacts to gather their biggest pitching pet peeves.

  • How To Power Content Marketing Productivity & Creativity

    Forces outside our control, and beyond our capacity, often lead to stress-induced, inefficient writing. The 2014 CMI Benchmark Report (B2C) found “lack of time” to be marketers’ biggest challenge this year (57%), followed closely by “producing the kind of content that engages” (51%). “Producing enough content” ranked fourth (45%).

    Luckily, there are ways to refocus content efforts across your team, relieve all three of these challenges, and perform at optimal efficiencies company-wide. Here are three tips to make the most of your content productivity.

  • Navigating Copyright Law and Image Use

    Images. From blog posts and web development, to landing pages and calls to action, digital marketers are frequently using images to attract attention, maintain interest, outwit eye patterns and engage viewers.

    Too bad a lot of us have broken the law doing it. I spoke with Sharon Toerek, a legal expert who works with marketing agencies and departments to navigate the legal issues associated with marketing and advertising.  

  • Marketing Students and Young Professionals: 7 Skills to Master Before You Submit Your Resume

    Shifting landscapes, evolving trends and new technologies make preparing for a career in marketing a true challenge in today’s job market. You need to anticipate future needs, and step outside of classroom curriculum to truly stand out from the crowd.

    With so many options, it may be overwhelming to know where to begin, where to dedicate your time, and what HR departments will really be looking for in potential candidates. 

  • College Students: How to Market Yourself for Professional Success [Ebook]

    There is no question that today’s jobseekers face challenging times. Not only have positions become increasingly competitive, they have also become increasingly specialized, dynamic, and rapidly evolving to meet new world demands. The toughest element in this type of job search? There is no road map to show you the way. Instead, the map is created by each professional’s unique journey and set of developed skills.

    Learn how you can prepare yourself for a career you love.

  • 20 Marketing Opportunities from 20 Minutes with a Subject Matter Expert

    For B2B marketers, time spent with your organization’s most technically minded experts is invaluable. Conversations with these brainiacs help develop our overall understanding so we can better connect the content we create with more technical target audiences.

    Although this time is clutch for marketers, have you ever felt like top subject matter experts (SMEs), engineers or developers think marketing meetings are a waste? Change that perception immediately with smarter, more effective meetings—meetings that produce tangible and evergreen results.

    If you had 20 minutes to spend with an engineer (or any very techy SME), how would you prep to make the most of that time? What would you organize or send ahead of the meeting, what would the agenda look like, and how would you follow up after? Within this post, we’ll offer a guide to SME meeting prep, agenda, goals and outcomes—all intended to help your marketing team foster a mutually beneficial and positive relationship between marketing and SMEs.