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Adapt Traditional Strategies to Build Stronger Relationships [Inbound Report]

Inbound Marketing Industry ReportInbound Marketing Industry Report, highlighting top articles and news stories from the first week of December 2012.

Industry Innovation

Social Media

Last week, we touched on the idea of creating content that builds community. One example of this, spurred from the consumer side, is the organically developed diabetes online community (DOC). Individuals living with the disease began sharing their experiences via blogs and videos, reviewing products and sharing advice in an effort to help others. Not surprisingly, health- and drug-related companies paid attention, reaching out to potential advocates and in some cases launching their own online communities. 

However, although these organizations include disclosures in their online activities and promotions, additional regulations may be under way to better protect consumers who may not understand the intentions of "trusted" resources they find on the web. According to NPR's Lauren Silverman (@lsilverwoman), "an FDA spokesperson says the agency is currently working on guidelines for drug companies and social media." (Source

Public Relations

Just as the uses of social media continually change, so has the role of PR in the media industry. Tom Foremski (@tomforemski) says that the concept of "pageview journalism" is nothing new. But, with the move to electronic media, journalists are feeling the pressure of popularity. Thus, they're encouraged to focus articles on subjects that will attract large amounts of readers, versus highlighting a small company or unknown individual as they may have in the past.

What does this mean for those working in PR? For companies that can create and share content of their own, with audiences and communities that they've built, Foremski poses this intriguing question: "Can PR companies drive traffic to a story that I write? If they can they are golden. Reporters will take their calls over any others."

Business Culture

Nichole Kelly (@Nichole_Kelly) suggests that a new kind of workforce is on the horizon, and we need to be prepared. At the center is the concept of workshifting: allowing employees the flexibility to work from the environment(s) in which they can be most productive. While it all sounds good on paper, systems and expectations need to be put in place to achieve a successful balance, including collaborative tools, technologies, driven team members and a social business mindset.

What's New?

  • While coupons are anything but modern, not long ago they spurred the "daily deal" business model of companies like Groupon and Living Social. However, latest financial reports show that this strategy may be ultimately prone to failure.
  • Early last week, SEOmoz announced its acquisition of GetListed, a local search optimization company. SEOmoz's Rand Fiskin (@randfish) says this is a "big step" for their entry into the local space. Side note: PR pros, pay attention to the tone and personality of this announcement and release. This is a great example of making what could be snooze-worthy news into something exciting and fun to read. 
  • iPhone and iPad users are sure to love the new Gmail app update, which rolled out last week. Version 2.0 not only offers a whole new look and feel, but also time-saving features like autocomplete typing, the option to RSVP to Google Calendar invites, and multiple account support (among others).
  • In other Google news, the Google Chrome OS is starting to make its way to consumers with a new, affordable laptop that accesses information in the cloud. Is it for you? If you're a regular user of Google products (Drive, Chrome, Gmail, Play, Plus, etc.), then the laptop offers a natural, intuitive and super-simple experience.

Twitter v. Instagram: Full-on Photo War

In an Inbound Report a few weeks back, we included news that Instagram made it easier to tag friends in photos by translating a username into the corresponding Twitter username when a tweet is sent through Instagram. Well, that's no longer the case.

Instagram recently disabled the ability for its photos to properly display on Twitter. Instagram users will still be able to generate a tweet on Twitter when they post a photo; however, if you click on the Instagram link in a tweet, you'll be taken out of the Twitter site or app and directed to Instagram’s site to view it. (Source)

While the two sites worked well together in the past, they have parted ways after Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, and Twitter's tightening of its API. It seems both have plans to keep things separate moving forward, as the social networks compete for user attention.

Pinterest is Here to Stay

Some may have thought that Pinterest was just the next pushpin on the social media cork board of fads. Turns out the users are actually pinning more than ever. According to Nielsen's 2012 Social Media Report, Pinterest showed the most growth year-over-year for social desktop usage, social web usage and social app usage.

Find out more about the latest social media evolutions and insights, and download the full report: Social Media Report 2012. Also, check back on the PR 20/20 blog soon  for a report recap.

Resource of the Week: Real-time Reports

As marketers, we continue to adopt new practices and adapt processes based on data. One tool to add to your reporting kit is real-time analysis—it can benefit a number of areas within an organization. Take a look at these real-time Google Analytics starter tips from Adam Singer (@adamsinger)

What articles caught your eye last week that we missed? Share them in the comments below.

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