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Sandie Young

Sandie Young started at the agency during the summer of 2012, with experience in magazine journalism and a passion for content marketing. Sandie is a graduate of Ohio University, with a Bachelor of Science from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. Full bio.
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Marketing operations are constantly innovated by new technologies, from automation and gelocation to personalization. But, at the heart of branding is one constant element: content marketing.

Content drives the narrative behind all campaigns, big and small. It’s the pulse of company culture and the beat of service offerings—constantly pumping purpose and inspiration into your team. 

It’s critical to bottom-line business health, and it’s a complicated practice. Below I’ve curated a few of PR 20/20’s favorite content marketing resources, tools, charts and graphics to advance your content marketing practice, from idea generation to production.  

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My daily mantra as an inbound marketer: stay focused, be passionate. 

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At this year’s INBOUND 2014 conference in Boston, one session in particular really got me thinking about brand / consumer relationships. In his session, “A Culture of Change: How Brands Adopt to an Ever-Changing Consumer,” president of Twist Image, Mitch Joel  (@mitchjoel), pointed out two trends that are changing the rules of modern marketing.

  1. Today’s consumer doesn't need to own. Why own when you can share, and increase cost efficiencies at the same time?  Two prime examples: the increasing popularity of shared music, like Spotify, shared spaces, like Airbnb, and shared transportation, like Lyft.

    According to
    Fast Company, “Airbnb has become one of Silicon Valley's most imitated successes. There are Airbnb-inspired companies for sharing cars, parking spaces, laboratories, and grown-up toys like boats and motorcycles.” 
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It’s that time of year again. As 2014 winds down, content marketers are reassessing budgets and planning for an impactful 2015.

But, a lot has changed during the past ten months. In horrifying pop culture: the popular show “How I Met Your Mother” came to an end, and we all followed the “Kimye” wedding in our social feeds (not voluntarily for most). In February, Facebook bought Snapchat for a whopping $19 billion, the Internet of Things took over the tech scene, oh, and there are now more mobile devices than people in the world.

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The success (or failure) of today’s customer journey is based on the holistic customer experience. And, thanks to digital, the modern consumer is in full control of the buyer journey. Case in point: In partnership with Google, the Marketing Leadership Council found that your average consumer is more than halfway (nearly 60%) through the buying cycle before reaching out for help. On the B2B side, this figure could be as high as 90%.

It’s a new age for marketing. The traditional funnel doesn't account for the digital, tech savvy consumer; hence, its evolution.

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Behind any great piece of content is a strategic content team. Whether you regroup monthly, quarterly or weekly to crowdsource ideas, a solid content brainstorming session can fuel big blogging wins.   

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Thanks to social, today’s marketing pros have the power to shape a virtual identity. Social media is the convenient meet-up for both personal and professional networking needs. It offers information sharing and personal connection. 

Unfortunately, too many brands are fumbling their way through social without a strategy or a purpose. Whether you’re perfecting a company image, or your own personal brand, there are ways to be more relatable, and likeable, on social.

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Today's consumer is passionate about his or her favorite brands. It's not just a transaction anymore. It's a lifestyle—driven by customer interest and experience. 

There has been an evident shift in the early months of 2014. Sixty-two percent of small businesses are assigning a large majority of their marketing budgets to customer retention this year, according to a new report from BIA / Kelsey and Manta. Marketers are finally looking past the traditional funnel (not quite past the obsession with lead gen, however), and sharpening their focus on customer experience and the impact of solid customer loyalty.

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The intrinsically motivated don't settle for average. Characterized by Type A personalities, there is always room for edits and improvements. We look to dazzle and fascinate when we write. But, the reality: most marketers are too busy and strapped for time. 

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Ninety-one percent of B2B marketers produce content marketing materials, according to CMI’s yearly benchmark report. If you’re among the vast majority knee-deep in content production—stop right there. A recent study from Altimeter Group found: 

“Despite an overwhelming trend toward content marketing and the need to continually feed an ever-increasing portfolio of content channels and formats, most organizations have not yet addressed content on either a strategic or tactical level.”

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