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Creating Content That Builds Community [Inbound Industry Report]

Inbound Marketing Industry ReportInbound Marketing Industry Report, highlighting top articles and news stories from the end of November 2012.

Content Marketing Standards

For all of you regular Inbound Report readers out there, I hope you find them valuable each week. Because, as we all know, there's a lot of content out there that's not necessarily worth the read. As a writer, I always try to keep some words of wisdom from last year's Content Marketing World top of mind, courtesy of David Meerman Scott: "You are what you publish."

Similarly, Jonathon Colman (@jcolman) says that we are what we read, too. "But for an industry that’s fond of stating that 'Content is King,' we sure aren’t investing in a lot of high-quality content." And as content marketers, he says we can do better.

The bottom line here is that, when it comes to content, we need to move beyond the usual KPIs in order to measure real engagement and value. Resolve to create authentic, quality content that helps build up your community—whatever it is. That's where true value is found.

And, if you're working on 2013 content marketing budgets and strategies, you may want to take a look at these creative content formats, collected by Ryan Skinner (@rskin11).

Potential Distribution Downfalls

If Facebook—or other social platforms that you don't have complete control over—are a key part of your strategy to promote content, Sonia Simone (@soniasimone) shares a few critical points to keep in mind. Money quote: "Never build up an outpost at the expense of your home base. Your home base is something you control — a place where you pay the bills and you make the rules. In other words, it’s your primary site."

Additionally, if you're relying on wire services to send your brand's news across the web, beware that some are getting blasted for "distributing crap" into Google News and other news sites. While people may have been wary for a while, PRWeb recently confirmed it when a release was ran with false information involving Google acquisition of WiFi provider ICOA.

What's New?

  • Facebook is taking risks with its new feature, Photo Sync, which automatically populates the photos from your phone in a private album, ready to share when you are. But, does that mean mobile users will be paying more, using more data to upload mistaken or unedited photos? What's your take—will you opt in for this feature?
  • Do you have a Tumblr account? A viral spam blog post was circulating that reposted on users' profiles who logged in on Monday. Tumblr reports it has since been identified and remedied, and affected only the site, not user computers. 

Face Time Is Still Popular (And Not the App)

Although it seems like we can do just about anything via the Internet, there's just something to be said for physical presence, which cannot be duplicated. This is also the verdict of a recent Forrester survey of SMB marketers—traditional face-to-face tactics are still fundamental for finding new customers. While tactics like SEO, content and PR still made the cut, networking, tradeshows, industry and in-person events ranked most popular.

What articles caught your eye last week that we missed? Share them in the comments below. 

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