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Inbound Industry Report: October 2, 2012

Top marketing news, articles and tips from the last week of September 2012.

Inbound Marketing Industry ReportContent Marketing

If you’ve ever seen Lost in Translation: 1.) you have good taste in movies; and 2.) you’re aware of the at-times-hilarious confusion Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson’s characters face while in Japan due to language differences.

While this makes for a witty comedy, the last thing you want to do as a brand is create content or messaging across cultures that is language-specific or difficult to understand. Christian Arno (@l24ca) of Content Marketing Institute shares a few steps you can use to target content across national and linguistic borders:

  1. Maintain a consistent core message worldwide.
  2. Get the language right by creating separate, localized websites for each target area.
  3. Utilize a multilingual content management system to simplify the process.

Just as people want to understand your content, they also want it to be written by credible and knowledgeable people. You may remember the term, “AuthorRank,” that began to surface earlier this year. Google now seems ready to implement its mission to prove page quality and authority, and Mike Arnesen (@Mike_Arnesen) helps you get ahead of the game and prepare for AuthorRank with these tips.

Facebook News & Resources

  • After scares of a potential hack / bug that made once-private messages public on user Timelines, Facebook says that the messages appearing in the “posted by friends” section are, in fact, old wall postings—not private messages. Engineers investigated the issue after a number of users raised concern, and confirm that there has been no breach of user privacy.
  • Anyone else think birthdays on Facebook are fun? All day, you have friends coming out of the woodwork to write on your wall. Now, birthdays just got a little more personal with Facebook bringing back Gifts—a tab either next to the person’s name, or alongside photo and post tags—to buy and send real gifts to your friends. Do you think this is something people will use?
  • Relatedly, Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel) offers his take on Facebook consumerism, and how this type of social commerce creates a more direct relationship among Facebook’s community—and helps Facebook monetize its user base.
  • If you’re a marketer investing in Facebook campaigns, you’ll want to read this, and likely bookmark it for future reference. Avinash Kaushik (@avinash) offers an incredibly comprehensive, helpful resource for measuring return on Facebook marketing and advertising.

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Bookmark of the Week

Learn the best ways to find valuable content on Twitter, and improve buyer persona research, with these ten useful search tips and tricks—including how to find tweets by location, and how to save searches for future reference.

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