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Small Steps to Content Marketing Success [Inbound Report]

Happy Holidays PR 2020Inbound Marketing Industry Report, highlighting top articles and news stories from the second week of December 2012.

This will be our last Inbound Report before we break for Christmas. From the PR 20/20 crew to all of our readers, we wish you a happy holiday!

Create Content that Creates a Following

Since the content trend isn't going anywhere in the New Year, let's take a look at some important lessons you can take with you into 2013. KISSmetrics showcases these insights by bringing to light some prime content efforts from a somewhat underappreciated company when it comes to content marketing, the free online dating service, OkCupid.

Here's what brands can take away:

  1. Put a unique spin on your content (OkCupid didn't just focus on dating tips; they used complex data to create cool, provoking articles).
  2. Don't just make your titles catchy; write headlines that are an "absolute tease." (Who wouldn't be intrigued a blog post titled "The Big Lies People Tell in Online Dating?").
  3. "Craft a writing style that resonates with what you're selling" (For OkCupid, since the dating arena is fun and casual, they'll break up the intensity of data and graphs with humor).
  4. Figure out your audience first. Many content marketers try to do this after the fact, and end up not speaking to those who they want to convert.
  5. Piggyback on trends for hot content topics, but don't let it affect your content styling or quality.

Once you've got the content part down pat, be sure to include it into your marketing and PR strategies. With the convergence of mainstream media and social media, it is crucial for marketers to understand that neither is more important than the other, and that integrated campaigns are likely to be the most successful.

What's New?


  • Why send a real gift to your friends during the holidays when you can send them a virtual gift on Facebook Gift? Last Tuesday, Facebook announced that it was rolling out its new gift feature for all users in the United States. In addition to gifts for your friends, users can also donate to its nonprofit partners.
  • You may have noticed some strange(r) things happening in your news feed, as with status updates from friends-of-friends were brought front end center, driven by likes and comments on those updates by shared connections.
  • The social network also changed its privacy settings, following a less-than-stellar turnout from its final user vote. Updates include: Users can no longer hide themselves from Facebook search, it will be easier to block people, and there are some new privacy control shortcuts. We haven't yet seen details on the privacy restrictions put forth in the governance vote; stay tuned. (Or, let us know if you've seen anything!) 
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