• Network to Your Next Job: Informational Interview Tips from Professionals

    Whether you are a student seeking an internship or first job, or a seasoned professional looking for a job change, insight into your options can be critical for success. A simple conversation can help determine where you stand in your field and, more importantly, where you could go.

  • Advice for Young Professionals: PRSA Student Day 2013

    Recently, I attended the Greater Cleveland PRSA Student Day. Designed for PR students, the day was filled with advice and mentorship to help entry-level communicators navigate internships, the career search and their first positions.

    This post includes some of my favorite lessons from the day.

  • 3 Tips to Market Yourself in an Interview

    The time has arrived. It’s your chance to earn an interview with Super-Fantastic-Dream-Company. You’ve heard all of the advice about how to calm your nerves, conduct background checks on the company before sending anything, and to keep in touch afterward to continue the conversation, but you still wonder what more you will need to know as you go through the application and interview process.

    This article offers three tips on how to market yourself, so you can truly stand out from the moment you apply.

  • Why Every Content Marketer Should Have Newsroom Experience

    Marketers are excited about the content marketing movement. Journalists might see it differently.  I recently entered the marketing world (and the professional world, for that matter) with a journalistic background, and quickly realized the tangled relationship between these two neighb…

  • 4 Tips to Ace Your Next Marketing Agency Job Interview

    Does the thought of a job interview make you squirm, as if you are about to face the Spanish Inquisition? It doesn’t have to be that way.

    In my experiences (as both an interviewee and interviewer), I’ve learned that the right amount of preparation and a little know-how can take you far. In this post are some basic tips to ace your next interview and land the marketing agency job of your dreams.

  • 3 Key Success Factors to Finding Your Perfect Job After College

    As a recent grad, I know that a lot more than classroom knowledge played into preparing me to take on this next chapter of my life as an associate consultant here at PR 20/20. Here are what I consider to be the top three factors that led to landing my first job.