• Beyond the Close: Build a Customer Loyalty Program

    Study after study shows that existing customers are a company's most valuable asset. Marketing Metrics found that the likelihood of making a sale with a current customer is 60% to 70%, while selling to a new prospect is only 5% to 20%. MarketingProfs reported that loyal customers spend about 10 times more during their lifetime. Build a deep brand bond with a solid customer loyalty program.

  • Corporate Social Media Law: An Attorney’s Input on Things to Consider

    It’s no surprise that social media has made its way to the business world. As organizations and professionals alike become increasingly active—blending personal and professional personas, time, and commentary—there are many areas for corporate leaders to consider in regard …

  • Built to Last: How to Build Strong Marketing Agency-Client Relationships

    We’ve found as an agency that the most successful marketing programs are those built on strong client-agency partnerships—those in which there is a foundation of trust, respect and mutual goals. These are often the relationships in which the client looks to the agency as an extension of their marketing team, not just another vendor.

  • 6 Ways To Be a Better Marketing Consultant for Your Clients

    This post is a PR 20/20 team collaboration. Last month, AdAge featured an article on agency-client relations, in which corporate marketers shared their plans to improve agency partnerships in the coming year. Predictably, these answers sound similar to what you might hear from any…