• How To Power Content Marketing Productivity & Creativity

    Forces outside our control, and beyond our capacity, often lead to stress-induced, inefficient writing. The 2014 CMI Benchmark Report (B2C) found “lack of time” to be marketers’ biggest challenge this year (57%), followed closely by “producing the kind of content that engages” (51%). “Producing enough content” ranked fourth (45%).

    Luckily, there are ways to refocus content efforts across your team, relieve all three of these challenges, and perform at optimal efficiencies company-wide. Here are three tips to make the most of your content productivity.

  • Evolution of the Prototype Marketer [Ebook]

    The marketing talent war has begun. Will your organization lead, or be left behind?

    Digital marketing has revolutionized the industry, and the job market. Corporate marketing departments and marketing agencies struggle to recruit and retain qualified professionals for career paths that didn’t exist three years ago, while academic institutions are faced with the need to adapt curriculums to the real-time nature of business.

    In Evolution of the Prototype Marketer: The Hybrids Are Coming, we delve into the rapidly expanding marketing talent gap, explore the catalysts for transformation, and detail what it takes for you, and your organization, to compete in the modern marketing era.

  • Built to Last: How to Build Strong Marketing Agency-Client Relationships

    We’ve found as an agency that the most successful marketing programs are those built on strong client-agency partnerships—those in which there is a foundation of trust, respect and mutual goals. These are often the relationships in which the client looks to the agency as an extension of their marketing team, not just another vendor.

  • How the 5 Ws Can Help Make Sense of Meeting Mayhem

    Earlier this year, a few of us at PR 20/20 read the book, "Read This Before Our Next Meeting, which helped us to revise the way we manage meetings at our office. We find that focusing on the 5 Ws can help streamline collaboration, maximize time and increase efficiency.

  • How to Establish a Social Media Policy

    Even if your organization is shy of embracing social media for its business benefits, the fact remains that it is not a medium that can be ignored. Whether endorsed by the company or not, your employees, job candidates, customers, prospects, shareholders and other key audiences are likely ac…

  • What Your Blog May Be Missing

    Keeping your company blog regularly updated with quality, buyer persona-driven content can be a major differentiator between a successful and unsuccessful blog. But with busy schedules and already-long hours, how can you ensure that the additional responsibility of blogging is kept up with?…

  • Client Relationship Lessons for Sweetest Day

    Saturday is Sweetest Day, a holiday for lovers that is said to have originated in Cleveland in 1922. This year it falls just three days after mine and my boyfriend’s five year anniversary. So, being the overly analytical, somewhat hopeless-romantic girlfriend that I am, I spent the oth…

  • What to do When You're Facing a Bear in the Woods ... or the Market?

    This is a guest post by Terry Taylor, a communications professional with more than 30 years of experience in financial services. Terry holds a master's degree in economics from Case Western Reserve University, and his expertise includes investment management marketing, investor relations and…

  • Talking Management with Jason Fried, 37signals

    If you aren't familiar yet with 37signals, and its founder, Jason Fried, do yourself a favor and check out this video from Crain's Chicago Business. Founded in 1999, the company designs web-based software for individuals and businesses. 37signals estimates that more than 1 million peo…

  • What I Learned: Pour Your Heart Into It

    PR 20/20 started out in February 2004 as a vision to evolve the PR industry. That vision, which 21 months later manifested into an upstart PR and marketing firm, was fueled by remarkable books that told inspirational stories of vision, passion and innovation. “What I Learned&rdqu…