• 2014 Digital Marketing Conferences [Downloadable Database]

    Ever go to the grocery story without a list? I don’t recommend it. 

    Much like the items in a grocery store, there are an increasing number of marketing conferences to choose from, in different cities, at different price ranges and that cover a variety of topics. How do you choose which one is best for your team to attend?

    Our 2014 digital marketing conference database is your marketing event grocery list, designed to help you navigate the options, and decide which are beneficial to attend.

  • 5 Marketing Lessons from the 2014 Super Bowl Ads

    Recently, I attended the 2014 Annual Super Bowl Ad Review, hosted by the Cleveland Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Tailored for marketing professionals of all levels, this interactive luncheon dove into the most talked about Super Bowl advertisements. Here are the winners, the losers and the lessons for marketers.

  • 10 Components of a Modern Marketing Foundation

    If the core of your marketing program is strong, then you can leverage that foundation, and focus efforts on driving leads and sales. However, if your core is weak, then you’ll need to build the basics and properly align ROI expectations, and budgets. These 10 elements are fundamental to your success.

  • 6 Ways to Win Executive Buy-In for Inbound Marketing

    The most common challenge faced by marketing teams today—proving ROI—points to a crucial need to drum up and perpetuate internal support. Solving common organizational struggles requires peeling back the layers, and getting beyond the what to the why. It’s time to walk around in the cynic’s shoes. It’s time to look at the scary side of inbound. 

  • You Are Not a Bot. Stop Marketing Like One.

    Based on the capabilities of our current machines—and thanks to Moore’s Law—bots, software and other machines already do a significant number of jobs traditionally reserved for people. That trend is only accelerating, in every field from automated stock market trading to bots that write poetry.

    And the machines are in marketing’s backyard now, too, thanks to marketing automation, data mining and marketing intelligence engines.

    We are wholly unprepared for this. The technology is already running parts of our campaigns. It’ll only run more in the future. But the technology isn’t just a tool anymore. It’s also a competitor. 

    Where do you personally add value right this moment? Chances are, a bot already has its eyes on your job. 

  • 2013 Digital Marketing Conferences [Downloadable Database]

    Our 2013 digital marketing conferences database—available as a free, downloadable and sortable Excel sheet—includes more than 60 conferences from around the world, chosen based on their professional relevance, speaker base, educational components, networking opportunities, and overall excitement within the industry to help you determine the best ones to attend for you and your team.

  • On Top Marketing Trends for 2013

    Ah, the new year. A time for reflection, reinvention, resolutions … and plenty of “top marketing trends” lists, highlighting marketing strategies and tactics to watch for, adopt and enhance in 2013. 

    While it's essential for influencers like those above to push the envelope, and aim to move our industry forward by encouraging savvy marketers to adopt new technologies, strategies and tactics, there's a major concern with getting caught up in these trends: We're leaving our peers behind.

  • HubSpot Updates: New Email Tool and Contact Records

    Overview of HubSpot's new email tool and lead database, which offers users established email templates, a new user interface and other beneficial feature updates. 

  • Neuromarketing: A Peek into the Buyer’s Brain

    Neuromarketingis the study of the brain’s reaction to marketing stimuli. It sets out to answer questions such as:

    • Why do people make certain decisions?
    • What parts of the brain are involved in the process?
    • What conscious and subconscious brain activity takes place?
    • How can you optimize your marketing to evoke the desired response?

  • Inbound Industry Report: Feb. 21, 2012

    Stay up to date with our collection of last week's top marketing articles and news, featuring content marketing strategy tips, social media's impact on news, the PR industry's transformation and more.