• 5 Marketing Lessons from the 2014 Super Bowl Ads

    Recently, I attended the 2014 Annual Super Bowl Ad Review, hosted by the Cleveland Chapter of the American Marketing Association. Tailored for marketing professionals of all levels, this interactive luncheon dove into the most talked about Super Bowl advertisements. Here are the winners, the losers and the lessons for marketers.

  • Indiana Jones and the SERP Treasure

    As proven by Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, and his father before him, treasure hunting can be an exciting and prosperous profession 

    Those of us who study search engine optimization understand this, as unlocking the path to Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Treasure may be today’s equivalent of a Holy Grail or Ark of the Covenant.

    This article shares the "four trials" one must follow to rise above the competition and seize the SERP Treasure. 

  • NBC's Fashion Star: Disruptive Marketing that Sells

    Fashion + Retail + Advertising + Media = Marketing Awesomeness. NBC’s Fashion Star is an example social or inbound TV. It’s a disruptive taste of branding, entertainment and sales, and it works. Read on for the business and marketing lessons learned from this season’s new hit.

  • Marketing Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Last Thursday marked the seventh anniversary of the Buffy the Vampire series finale. Because I’m a Buffy fan, and I thought it would be fun, I’ve compiled a few lessons that marketers can take away from this vampire-dusting teen. A few things to note for those unfamiliar with …