• Get Liked: Reinvent Your Social Media Strategy

    Thanks to social, today’s marketing pros have the power to shape a virtual identity. Social media is the convenient meet-up for both personal and professional networking needs. It offers information sharing and personal connection. 

    Unfortunately, too many brands are fumbling their way through social without a strategy or a purpose. Whether you’re perfecting a company image, or your own personal brand, there are ways to be more relatable, and likeable, on social.

    Here are three tips to make your efforts more focused, strategic and brand-centric.   

  • 4 Rules to Creating Social Media Content That Cuts Through the Noise

    Social media has massively shifted the way we interact, share information, form relationships and conduct business. Marketers want to harness the power of social media, but content oversaturation has filled channels with a lot of noise, making it difficult to connect and convert.

    This post dives into four characteristics of social media content that converts from Gary Vaynerchuk's Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook.

  • Key Takeaways from Brands Getting LinkedIn Content Right

    In February, LinkedIn opened its publishing platform. And it’s no surprise to LinkedIn fangirls like me that it’s going well.

    I’ve seen its progression from the Influencer program to its publishing platform open to the public to the launch of its new scoring tool. I’ve written and read a lot of posts; I’m getting a good idea of what’s working and what’s not.

    In this guest post, Influence & Co President Kelsey Meyer whittles down the best three articles on LinkedIn publishing to give you the most important takeaways.

  • Check Your Pulse on LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

    LinkedIn is in the process of rolling out Pulse, the network's content-publishing platform, to all of its members. With 30,000 average views per post for LinkedIn's influencer program—even a fraction of that reach is great potential for everyday thought leaders (and their brands). Thinking about how to take advantage of Pulse? This post outlines a few considerations as you add another platform the the marketing mix.  

  • Does Your Organization Build Relationships, and Bring Value, Through Social Media?

    Social media has changed the way we do business, engage, gather information, and evolve and experience our culture. When we check-in, post updates, Tweet, and connect with brands and individuals through online communities, we share knowledge and experiences with the circles most relevant to our personal and professional lives.

    As a business strategy, organizations and professionals use social networks to expand their online presence, engage industry influencers and peers, and share valuable content. In Section 8 of the Marketing Score assessment, members are asked to rate their organization’s use of social media in achieving 11 relationship- and brand-focused goals.

    If leaders in your organization struggle to find value in social media for business, consider the following value-adds associated with establishing a strong and strategic presence on social networks. From internal communications and culture, to sales and thought-leadership, social interactions have the ability to impact your business from top to bottom.

  • Corporate Social Media Law: An Attorney’s Input on Things to Consider

    It’s no surprise that social media has made its way to the business world. As organizations and professionals alike become increasingly active—blending personal and professional personas, time, and commentary—there are many areas for corporate leaders to consider in regard …

  • The Case for Social Business: Recapping Nielson’s 2012 Social Media Report

    Earlier this month, Nielson released its 2012 Social Media Report, detailing the growth, evolution and impact of social media. The report found that, even with overall Internet use on the rise, people continue to spend more time on social networks than any other category of sites—20% of their time spent on PCs and 30% of their mobile time.”

    Social has become engrained in our culture, and is a daily part of most people’s lives. According to the report, this trend has only been amplified this past year by the surge in mobile adoption and social network proliferation.

  • A Content Marketing Mind for Social Business

    No longer limited to the confines of an intranet or physical office space, social business offers limitless opportunities for creativity, growth and brand building within an organization. Enter content marketing as the means to create meaningful conversations and a lot more value.

  • Social Media Monitoring Tools Comparison Guide: 2012 Edition

    Two years ago (August 2010), we published a Social Media Monitoring Tools Comparison Guide, which included a free downloadable spreadsheet that compared 8 popular solutions based on 21 factors.

    Because of the post's continued popularity, we decided it’s time to release an updated version of the database with the most recent pricing, coverage and feature information, also including some new tools.

  • My Online Journey into Married Life: Changing My Name on Social Profiles

    How do you change your name online seamlessly, while preserving the brand you’ve created around your maiden name? Well, this post has the answers. In it, I provide a step-by-step process for changing your name on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest, based on my own experiences.