• Marketing Students and Young Professionals: 7 Skills to Master Before You Submit Your Resume

    Shifting landscapes, evolving trends and new technologies make preparing for a career in marketing a true challenge in today’s job market. You need to anticipate future needs, and step outside of classroom curriculum to truly stand out from the crowd.

    With so many options, it may be overwhelming to know where to begin, where to dedicate your time, and what HR departments will really be looking for in potential candidates. 

  • College Students: How to Market Yourself for Professional Success [Ebook]

    There is no question that today’s jobseekers face challenging times. Not only have positions become increasingly competitive, they have also become increasingly specialized, dynamic, and rapidly evolving to meet new world demands. The toughest element in this type of job search? There is no road map to show you the way. Instead, the map is created by each professional’s unique journey and set of developed skills.

    Learn how you can prepare yourself for a career you love.

  • Network to Your Next Job: Informational Interview Tips from Professionals

    Whether you are a student seeking an internship or first job, or a seasoned professional looking for a job change, insight into your options can be critical for success. A simple conversation can help determine where you stand in your field and, more importantly, where you could go.

  • Advice for Young Professionals: PRSA Student Day 2013

    Recently, I attended the Greater Cleveland PRSA Student Day. Designed for PR students, the day was filled with advice and mentorship to help entry-level communicators navigate internships, the career search and their first positions.

    This post includes some of my favorite lessons from the day.

  • Is Your Digital Marketing Working?

    In one of the most comprehensive industry reports we've seen, Adobe explores how more than 1,000 marketers feel about their marketing. While 76% of marketers believe measurement is important, just 29% believe they are doing it well. Digital Distress: What Keeps Marketers Up at Night uncovers clear gaps in marketing talent, technology, strategy and performance.

  • How to Hire Inbound Marketers

    Today, hybrid marketers are rare. With marketing evolving so quickly, and universities and training programs struggling to keep pace, many marketing departments are left searching for the complete package amongst of field of potential candidates.

    This was the topic of discussion at the Inbound panel, “How to Hire the Inbound Marketers Your Agency Needs to Grow.” (Note: While branded as an agency session, the talk was also very applicable to corporate marketers.)

    Looking to develop your marketing team? Below, I summarize the key takeaways to help you evolve your hiring process and better position your staff for success.

  • How are Gaps in Marketing Talent, Technology and Strategy Impacting Your Business?

    In December 2012, we released PR 20/20's Marketing Score assessment tool into public beta. Since that time, nearly 700 marketers and executives have registered for free to evaluate their organizations, and we're starting to learn some fascinating things. This fall, PR 20/20 will publish the inaugural Marketing Score Report based on more than 300 in-depth marketing assessments.

    You'll gain unparalleled insight into how marketers and executives rate their organizations across 132 factors in 10 sections: Business Cores, Audiences, Marketing Performance, Marketing Cores, Lead Sources, Marketing Team Strength, Marketing Technology Utilization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Public Relations.

  • 15 Skills of the Modern Marketing Team

    Next-generation marketers are emerging today. They are generalists who are proficient in a variety of core marketing activities, analytical, creative, tech-savvy and driven. They push the limits of marketing and tie outputs to measurable results. Here's what it takes to be one, and what skills to look for when building your superstar marketing team. 

  • How to Build Your Modern Marketing Team [Webinar]

    It's no secret that there is an ever-widening talent gap in the marketing industry today. You have two options for how to approach it:  Stay the course. Convince yourself that what has worked in the past will continue to fulfill your personal career, and fuel the success of your orga…