• 5 Steps to Startup Marketing Success

    Startups have to be highly efficient and effective in their marketing efforts, and that requires a strategic and methodic approach. We recently partnered with Bizdom Cleveland to present Startup Marketing Series: The Entrepreneurs Guide to Marketing Success. The series featured three live sessions covering the foundational pieces of a successful marketing program: The Assessment, The Scorecard and The GamePlan.

    For startups, it's all about aligning business goals with your current assets. This post summarizes 5 crucial tips from the series.

  • 18 Marketing Performance Metrics that Matter

    At the end of the day, how does your marketing impact the organization? Marketing Score examines 18 factors, which, to varying degrees, affect your organization’s bottom line. 

    Metrics such as cost of customer acquisition (COCA), customer lifetime value (CLV), retention rates, lead volume and revenue growth are almost universally accepted key performance indicators (KPIs) for every organization. Supporting metrics, including content downloads, inbound links, social media reach and “owned” subscribers, are critical to showing progress at the top and middle of marketing funnels.

  • 15 Business Basics that Impact Overall Marketing Success

    An overview of 15 core areas of your business that can have a big impact on marketing programs, covering business basics, product/service foundations, and team strengths.

  • Content Marketing Presents Uncertain Future For Publishers

    As publishers see continued erosion of ad revenue and readership, advertisers are shifting their dollars to digital, hiring writers, outsourcing content production to marketing agencies, and building their own audiences. In short, brands are becoming publishers, and investing resources in content marketing that were once earmarked for traditional media. 

    But, the reality is that becoming a successful brand publisher is hard. So while brands confront new demands on talent, technology and business process in order to adapt, publishers have a bit of a head start in these critical areas, and can compete directly with marketing agencies for outsourced content dollars. 

    Rather than viewing content marketing as their impending doom, publishers should be focused on the emerging opportunities ... 

  • Origins of a Marketing Intelligence Engine

    Read the story behind Net Marketing Score, a free online tool from PR 20/20 that assesses the strength of your business and marketing foundations, forecasts potential and aligns expectations.

  • Why Marketers Can Rule in the Age of the Platform

    With marketers facing increased scrutiny from CEOs who want to see bottom-line impact, how can we showcase our true business value? To earn our seat at the executive table, we need to become more business-focused. One area that may be a natural fit for marketers is in platform strategy and development. (Includes insight and takeaways from Phil Simon's (@philsimon) book, The Age of the Platform.)