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Picks of the Week: May 29 - June 4, 2010

Perhaps the long weekend gave thought leaders some time to really sit and focus on blogging, or perhaps it's just a coincidence, but this week brought forth some exceptionally high-quality, interesting content. Though some of the articles we share below are a bit lengthy, I promise you they are worth every moment you’ll spend reading (and thinking about afterward).

Brand Marketing

An Illustrated Guide to the Science of Influence & Persuasion
This excellent post by Rand Fishkin takes a look at the psychology of influence and persuasion in the context of Robert Cialdini’s Influence: Science and Practice, and how the book’s core concepts can be applied to websites, blogs and social media to build your personal or corporate brand.

Web Design

Copy Vs. Design: Which is Most Important to Conversion?
Brian Massey shares an interesting case study over at Search Engine Land about the importance of clear, concise website copy over imagery and persuasive text. (Be sure to read to the end, where Brian summarizes the engagement with lessons learned and takeaways to consider). 

Search Marketing

Build Links Backward
We all know the importance of inbound links for SEO, but how do you know what content will be worth linking to? Here, Jennifer Van Iderstyne offers a concept so simple, it’s almost a head-smacker — ask the blog authors, writers and webmasters that you want links from what kind of content they’re interested in before you start writing.

Content Marketing and Public Relations

PR Stunt or the New Journalism? The Titans of Public Relations are Going Direct to Viewers and Readers
Is content marketing the future of PR? One of the world’s top PR firms, Edelman, is among the crowd that believes it is. The agency even hired former head of BBC News, Richard Sambrook, to lead the cause as their chief content officer. Story, with details on how and why PR firms should start reaching their client’s audiences directly, from The Independent.


How the Mainstream Media Stole our News Story Without Credit
In a rather fascinating recap of the weekend’s events, Danny Sullivan shares how — after breaking a story on the Search Engine Land blog about a woman suing Google for poor Google Map walking directions — multiple mainstream media outlets ran the story on their own sites and publications, without attribution.

Note: the majority of outlets have since cited Sullivan’s original post as their source for the story.

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