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What is Inbound Marketing?

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At its simplest, inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that help people find your information at their time of need, when searching for information about your industry, products or services.

This is in contrast to outbound marketing, which refers to marketing tactics that push your message out to the masses, often interrupting other activities. 

From Inbound Marketing and the Next Phase of Marketing on the Web (HubSpot blog post by Rick Burnes):

"Inbound Marketing is marketing focused on getting found by customers.

"Instead of interrupting people with television ads, [inbound marketers] create videos that potential customers want to see. Instead of buying display ads in print publications, they create their own blog that people subscribe to and look forward to reading. Instead of cold calling, they create useful content and tools so that people call them looking for more information.

"Instead of driving their message into a crowd over and over again like a sledgehammer, they attract highly qualified customers to their business like a magnet."

Outbound v Inbound Marketing

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing image courtesy of HubSpot.

Powered by Content

At PR 20/20, we believe that inbound marketing is powered by content. Our team of expert business copywriters and content strategists work with clients to create content that is buyer-persona focused, and aims to deliver marketing results throughout the entire sales funnel. 

  • Content is optimized for keywords, and used to fuel PR campaigns, to help your information be found by prospects at time of need. 
  • Content is shared on social networks, helping your organization to expand its collective reach, give content legs, and connect with target audiences.
  • Content is developed for all phases of the buying cycle, to enable lead nurturing after initial conversion.
  • Ideally, content is driven by conversations with sales teams, so that when leads are sales-ready, the messaging continues in a logical flow from the lead's point of view. 
  • All prospect and lead interactions with content are tracked using analytics and marketing software, helping us to adjust and optimize content strategy moving forward. 

Learn more about our approach to Content Marketing.  

Driven by Technology 

Advancements in marketing technology present opportunities for marketers to get more sophisticated with their inbound efforts. For example, using inbound marketing or marketing automation software, we have the capability to:

  • Gather sophisticated visitor and lead intelligence 
  • Automate lead nurturing campaigns based on site interactions
  • Perform A/B and multivariate tests to optimize messaging, landing pages, offers, and more
  • Score and manage leads among marketing and sales teams
  • Track revenue to tie a clear ROI to marketing efforts
  • Dynamically change website content based on visitors' previous site interactions

Delivered by Hybrid Professionals

This type of marketing requires a team that is highly proficient in a range of skills, including but not limited to: web and application development, data analysis, lead management, search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, email and mobile.

Learn more about PR 20/20's inbound marketing consultants, and their ability to run dynamic, results-driven campaigns. 

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