Brand Marketing

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Define, Differentiate & Deliver 

Your brand is the foundation upon which your entire organization and marketing campaigns are built. 

Today your brand is shaped by the words and actions of employees, customers, prospects and others on the web. It is defined by experiences and perceptions, and clearly identifies what makes your organization different.

These differences are what fuel your inbound marketing strategy and help you connect with the audiences that matter most.

PR 20/20 professionals serve as brand strategists and consultants, helping clients establish and deliver:

  • Brand messaging
  • Brand monitoring and response strategy
  • Brand names, strategy and rollout
  • Collateral
  • Content
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Online reputation management
  • Taglines
  • Websites

Build or Refresh Your Brand

The move to build a better brand starts with the answers to these questions:

  • Who are we (in 140 characters or less, and without meaningless jargon)?
  • What are the three greatest strengths/weaknesses of our brand?
  • What are our greatest opportunities for growth?
  • What keywords do people search to find our organization/products/services?
  • Who are our buyer personas?
  • What makes us different?
  • How do we express that differentiation in words, images and actions?
  • What value (i.e. expertise, resources, guidance, tools) can we bring to the community (i.e. our audiences through social media)?
  • What are we doing to innovate and move our industry forward?
  • What is our sustainable competitive advantage?
  • What makes customers buy from us the first time (acquisition)? What keeps them coming back (retention)?
  • How can we empower employees to give life and personality to the brand?
  • What is our social media policy?

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Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder, HubSpot