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Monitor, Participate & Publish

Social media offers new and powerful avenues to listen, build relationships and bring value to the communities relevant to your organization.

Networks have grown from ways for people to connect with friends and family, to news feeds that help users to stay abreast of current news and trends, expand their personal networks, engage in conversations about topics important to them, get an inside look at their favorite companies, and more.

When fully integrated with your inbound marketing strategy, social media can have a powerful impact on your business:

  • Get to know your buyer personas through social media research and engagement
  • Monitor and manage your brand online
  • Extend your company’s reach and influence
  • Build and enhance relationships with your biggest fans
  • Enhance customer service
  • Read and react to industry news, announcements and audience needs in real time
  • Build and nurture networks of employees, partners, vendors and more
  • Establish industry expertise and authority
  • Strengthen employee recruitment and retention

PR 20/20 consultants are all active in social media both personally and professionally. We lean on our experiences, paired with industry best practices, to support clients in the following areas:

  • Analytics integration and reporting
  • Corporate account co-management
  • Daily monitoring and engagement recommendations
  • Employee training
  • Event promotion and follow-up
  • Participation plans, including expected time commitments
  • Integration with other activities, including search and content marketing
  • Social media policy
  • Social media strategy

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