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Christy Barksdale

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CLEVELAND – June 3, 2010 – Paul Roetzer, president and founder of PR 20/20, will be presenting at three stops on the Online Marketing Summit (OMS) 23-city tour. OMS is a conference dedicated to online marketing education.

Roetzer will speak June 7 in Cleveland, home of PR 20/20’s headquarters, June 28 in Milwaukee and June 30 in Chicago.

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Content marketing has become a hot topic for marketing professionals across many industries. A core component of an inbound marketing strategy, content marketing can help level the playing field for many businesses — no matter their size — and is the driving force behind generating leads and building loyalty.

However, content alone cannot deliver results. It is the powerful marriage of content and community that really has the potential to impact a company’s positioning as a thought leader, and influence buying decisions. As my colleague Christina Capadona-Schmitz stated in her “What is Content Marketing?” blog post,

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Content marketing, the publishing of relevant, link-worthy content, has been all the rage for marketing professionals for several years. A recent survey conducted by content marketing authority Junta42 shows that companies, especially small businesses, are continuing to spend more on content marketing each year because it is more effective than traditional marketing for differentiation in the marketplace. Leads, sales and client retention are better achieved when companies are resources for their customers and help solve their pain points.

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