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Laurel Miltner

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It’s no surprise that social media has made its way to the business world. As organizations and professionals alike become increasingly active—blending personal and professional personas, time, and commentary—there are many areas for corporate leaders to consider in regard to social media legalities. Intellectual property, copyright and libel issues, HR considerations and ownership rights, just to name a few.  

As a consultant who guides clients on their social media policies and procedures, the broad topic of social media law is of great interest, and I try my best to stay attuned to recent news and cases.

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Your PR team's media outreach efforts paid off—they've secured an interview with a key media contact for one of your company's subject-matter experts (SME). 

But, with the outreach off the table and everything relying on one real-time conversation, how can you ensure your SME's success? Without overwhelming him or her too much—and potentially adding to the nerves of the situation—here are a few simple tips to share to ensure confidence before, during and after a media interview.

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An Inbound Marketing Agency Story

Posted by Laurel Miltner on August 22, 2012

This is our fifth year as both attendees and sponsors of Inbound (formerly the HubSpot User Group Summit and Inbound Marketing Summit), a marketing conference put on by HubSpot, creators of all-in-one marketing software. (Going to the event? Check us out while you're there.

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One of the most exciting things about working for a startup is that you get to be a part of realizing someone’s vision.

Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer), PR 20/20’s founder and CEO, is one of those gifted few that’s not only an idea guy, but a put-the-structure-in-place-to-make-your-idea-happen guy. He started PR 20/20 because he wanted to change the industry, and he loves hearing stories about how fellow entrepreneurs have built successful businesses. (Or, in some cases, why they didn't.)

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I’m not a fan of the, “_____ is dead” statements, but recently a pair of articles by Brian Millar (@arthurascii) claiming the end of branding caught my eye.

At the core, Millar argues that because companies can no longer control their brands—and, more importantly, consumer perceptions of them—that organizations should forget about active “branding” and instead focus on delivering quality experiences via great products. In other words: Walk the walk instead of talking the talk.

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A recent Demand Gen Report blog post cited a global, 1,200-person study by The Fournaise Marketing Group, which found that “80% of CEOs ‘admit they do not really trust and are not very impressed’ by their CMOs. That’s compared to the 90% of CEOs who say they do trust and value their CFOs and CIOs.”

The major discrepancy is that CFOs and CIOs are 100% ROI focused, while CMOs are “too disconnected from the financial realities of companies.”

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Marketers Are Consumers, Too

Posted by Laurel Miltner on June 28, 2012

I have a confession to make: Until the other day, I had never FaceTimed.

As inbound marketers, we can become so wrapped up in learning and utilizing the hottest new gadgets and technology for business that it’s easy to forget just how truly amazing and impactful these things are from a consumer point of view.

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Facebook has come a long way from its college years. In the past few months alone, it has made major acquisitions, completely revamped its design and user interface, and today—with a valuation of $104 billion—the company aims to raise $18.4 billion in the second-largest American IPO of all time

But has your Facebook marketing strategy changed?

To date, savvy marketers have seen Facebook as a place for sharing interesting and relevant information with fans—no matter the source. Since status updates push out to fans' feeds, you don’t want to sound too self-involved so you share articles from other sources, interesting quotes, ask how people are doing, etc.

But with the recent rollout of Timeline, the way this appears on your Page is completely different. Have you paid attention? Go take a look

What jumps out to you? What updates draw you in? If you’re like me, it’s not the text-filled links to industry articles that make you want to click. It's photos, videos, and the behind-the-scenes peeks into company history.

The Timeline format offers a much more intriguing opportunity for companies to personalize their brands and share their stories, in a place nearly 400 million users visit six days a week. (Source)

Review the kind of content your brand currently shares on Facebook. With the social network’s recent innovations in mind, do you think it’s time to reevaluate this strategy? I’d argue, yes.

And so would Facebook. Earlier this week, it published Page data that showed higher engagement with brand-related updates, and encouraged companies to talk more about their own brands on Timelines

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Last week, I read an article by Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), Welcome to “Less Is More” Marketing, in which he argues that marketers may want to spend less time focused on content, and more time focused on simplifying the buying process.

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Recently, Arik Hanson (@arikhanson) questioned whether corporate America is killing our PR writers because of the prolific use of jargon, gobbledygook, buzzwords, and other meaningless text.

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