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The Technology That Could Disrupt Marketing as We Know It

Editor's Note: This post was originally published on LinkedIn. What’s possible when the art and science of marketing collide? I’ve been consumed by th...


Live Online Event: The Marketing Performance Blueprint Webinar Series

An immersive experience in marketing strategy and performance management The marketing industry is advancing at an unprecedented rate, creating seemin...

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The Marketing Gaps: Talent, Technology and Strategy

Following is an excerpt from The Marketing Performance Blueprint (John Wiley & Sons, 2014). Visit for additional information an...

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Marketing Automation is Only The Beginning: How Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence Will Disrupt Marketing Forever

Following is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of The Marketing Performance Blueprint. Marketing automation has the ability to expand the value and impact of ...

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Introducing The Marketing Performance Blueprint [New Book]

“Marketing is now, as it has always been, an art form. But the next generation of marketers understands it can be so much more. These innovators are r...

Revenge of the Laggards: The Current State of Dataviz

The following is a guest post from Phil Simon (@philsimon), with an excerpt from his new book, The Visual Organization: Data Visualization, Big Data, ...

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PR 20/20’s Marketing Score Report Reveals How Gaps in Talent, Technology, and Strategy Impact Performance

CLEVELAND—Dec. 19, 2013—Key performance indicator (KPI) weaknesses at every stage of the marketing funnel affect the ability of organizations to achie...

15 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Performance

According to The 2014 Marketing Score Report, 64% of organizations have aggressive (>20%) or moderately aggressive (15-20%) growth goals.

Pursue Purpose: Build a Business that Matters

Following is an excerpt from Chapter 10 of The Marketing Agency Blueprint. Thanks to our friends and partners at Wiley, you can download the chapter i...

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How are Gaps in Marketing Talent, Technology and Strategy Impacting Your Business?

In December 2012, we released PR 20/20's Marketing Score assessment tool into public beta. Since that time, nearly 700 marketers and executives have r...