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Tom Moehring

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Of all the 21st century business clichés, “going green” has had considerable staying power, and no doubt for good reason.  In a period of economic suffering and war, good (and profitable) business has increasingly become synonymous with green, or eco-friendly, business.  Companies of all kinds, from cleaning products to automobiles, are developing and marketing new and/or “improved” green products.  

In this over-saturated market, I wonder: Is it more important for a company to be earth friendly or perceived as earth friendly?  Perhaps, the answer is a resounding, BOTH!  If that is the case, how does this impact businesses and how they market themselves?

Earth’s Dilemma

  • The planet’s surface temperature has risen (PDF) ~1.5°F over the last 100 years
  • Ice caps are receding, ocean levels are rising and climates are getting warmer
  • 150,000 premature deaths have been linked to climate change (PDF) effects 
  • Deforestation is rampant
  • Natural resources are dwindling
  • Over-population shows no signs of letting up
  • There are a growing list of endangered species
  • Green house gas emissions are on the rise*
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