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In the spirit of summer soon approaching, we’re starting this post off with a little exercise. Don’t worry though, you can stay seated for this one...

Take a quick inventory of your inbox/es and answer these three questions:

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7 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List

Posted by PR 20/20 on November 14, 2017

This following is a guest post submitted by Kim Courvoisier. Kim is the director of content marketing and social media at Campaign Monitor. She loves all things marketing and good puns. Follow her on Twitter at @Stiggy1.

Email marketing is rated as the most effective digital marketing strategy. But, that doesn’t mean email marketing works all the time. Marketers know that email marketing only yields results if your subscriber list is on point.

Building an engaged subscriber list is an ongoing process that involves finding the right audience at the right time and then sending them the right messages. To help ensure you see the astounding ROI you can get from email marketing, it’s vital to participate in list building best practices.

This infographic will present 7 tips to help you build and grow an ideal subscriber list.

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Congratulations! You’ve generated leads for your business. They might have filled out a form on your website, downloaded a content asset or signed up for a newsletter.

OK, but now what?

These prospects receive hundreds of offers, ads and asks for their business daily. They have limited time. And demands on their attention are at an all time high.

How do you earn their repeat attention, cultivate their trust and convince them to buy from you?

One critical method is effective email lead nurturing.

Email is still king. We spend much of our day in our inboxes. And we make purchasing decisions based on that little mail notification. Forty-four percent of people bought based on a promotional email, according to Convince and Convert.

Email is changing as both email client and consumer preferences evolve. But the principles of effective email lead nurturing are immutable.

Here’s how to craft a simple, effective email lead nurturing campaign.

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The Most Important Email

Posted by Jessica Miller on October 29, 2015

Tom Monaghan’s (@computertom) Seven Reasons Even Your Mom Would Ignore Your Email at #INBOUND15 was filled with laughs (and email marketing tips). The gist: Most companies really struggle with email.

And to figure out why, Monaghan’s team at HubSpot looked at more than one billion emails, sent across 100,000+ campaigns, to more than 100,000 contacts, etc.—you get the picture. The data-dive result confirmed the fact that most companies really struggle with email, but it was also filled with nuggets of knowledge for making it better.

Email timing, email address source, too much or too little personalization, and more of Monaghan’s “#truthbombs” were enlightening. But the biggest note I’ve been thinking about since September ... is that first email.

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The Shortest and Most Valuable Subscriber Post You’ll Read This Year

h/t to Matt Bertuzzi (@MattBertuzzi) at The Bridge Group for this gem.

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Will Feedburner, the free RSS management system that many of us have come to rely on, be discontinued? This has been a topic of discussion over the past few months, in response to several notable actions taken by Google:

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Picks of the Week: Dec. 18-24, 2010

Posted by Laurel Miltner on December 24, 2010

Our Christmas gift to you, our blog readers, is a collection of the week's articles. Today, we take a look at: more updates from LinkedIn, tips for email marketers, PR predictions for 2011, and the popularity of email among Generation Y.

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