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Marketers love data, and with good reason. We’re able to back our recommendations and research with data-driven reasoning, proving our credibility.

But, let’s face it: Data in isolation isn’t visually appealing.

Who wants to read a spreadsheet full of numbers, or a blog post that lists one statistic after another before getting to the heart of the issue? How can we make data-fueled recommendations, all the while pleasing the eye and appealing to those of us who aren’t number savvy? 

Enter infographics.

An infographic defined is a data-rich visualization of a story or a thesis used to educate, inform, build brand awareness and create inbounds links.

Read on to learn how and why infographics can add value to your marketing efforts.  

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The science is in, and the case for visual content is clear:

Visual content is attention-grabbing, shareable and emotive.

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Ebooks are powerful lead generating and nurturing tools, useful for connecting with target audiences and establishing expertise.

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