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Marketing Sales Alignment HubSpot

7 Ways to Empower Sales with HubSpot

Marketers have an important job that often falls by the wayside. According to CSO Insights, this important job is formalized by only a little more tha...

Marketing Sales Alignment

How Marketing Can Support the Sales Process

Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2011 and has been updated to be more current and comprehensive. The goal of most marketing activi...

Technology Marketing Sales Alignment Industry Inbound Marketing

3 Digital Marketing Trends You're Not Talking About—But Should Be

This post is part of HubSpot’s second annual Inbound Marketing Week, a worldwide series of events inviting marketers to share industry knowledge and s...

Technology Marketing Sales Alignment

Marketing Automation Software: How Top Solutions Stack Up

Marketing automation software is an integral component within an organization’s tech stack, as it supports core business goals, such as optimized mark...

Marketing Sales Alignment Business

The Path to Harmonious Sales and Marketing Alignment

Strategy Content Marketing Sales Alignment

Beyond the Close: Build a Customer Loyalty Program

Today's consumer is passionate about his or her favorite brands. It's not just a transaction anymore. It's a lifestyle—driven by customer interest and...

Content Marketing Sales Alignment

20 Marketing Opportunities from 20 Minutes with a Subject Matter Expert

“What sits on your shoulders [the brain] is the most complex object in the known universe … We would have to build a computer the size of a city block...

Content Marketing Sales Alignment

Map Strategic Content Across the Customer Journey [GUIDE]

There’s trouble in paradise: content marketers and their audiences have a communication breakdown.

Technology Marketing Sales Alignment

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle With HubSpot Enterprise

In honor of HubSpot’s 6th birthday, we look to its future by exploring the company’s latest plan, HubSpot Enterprise, and its capabilities for inbound...