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Picture this scenario: You Google a local business and find their listing online. You assume details like the hours, location and phone number are correct. You get in your car to go to the business, only to find they’re closed even though their online hours listed open. Or worse, the address listed online was inaccurate, and you arrive at the wrong location.

As a consumer, would you give this business another chance? Would you try to call them to find out their real hours or right location? If you answered no, you’re not alone— a total of 68% of consumers report that they’d stop using a local business if their online information is inaccurate. What’s worse is that 80% of those consumers say they lose trust if they see incorrect or inconsistent online listings.

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Today, we’re introducing three new services—Automated Press Releases, Automated Performance Reports and Piloting AI Workshops—but, first, the backstory . . .

Artificial intelligence is accelerating change in the marketing industry, and your career:

  • Consumers will demand greater personalization, while wanting to control their data and privacy.
  • Technology will get smarter, intelligently automating traditionally human-powered activities while adding layers of complexity to your martech stack.
  • Career paths will evolve. Some jobs will be lost, and new ones, some we can’t even fathom, will be created.
  • Brands will need to become more human with greater resources dedicated to listening, relationship building, ethics, empathy, creativity, culture and community. AI should make us better people, professionals and brands.

Are you ready? Is your company ready?

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