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PR / Media Relations

11 Ways to Power Your Public Relations Program

This article was originally published on the Marketing Score Blog. We decided to share it here as well because we think you'll find great value in it....

PR / Media Relations

Pitch Perfect: 3 Simple Steps to Enhance the Pitching Process

The relationship between PR professionals and journalists can be rather complex. So should you settle for Facebook-official “It’s complicated” status ...

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The Changing Landscape of Journalism & PR

We recently caught up Derek Singleton (@B2BMktMentor), marketing analyst at Software Advice, to hear his thoughts about content marketing and how it’s...

PR / Media Relations

Media Training Tips: How to Help Your Experts Ace a Media Interview

Your PR team's media outreach efforts paid off—they've secured an interview with a key media contact for one of your company's subject-matter experts ...

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Evolution of Media Relations: Real-time Formalities & SEO [Inbound Report]

Inbound Marketing Industry Report, highlighting top articles and news stories from the first week of November, 2012.

PR / Media Relations

One Super-Simple Tip to Make Your Press Releases Rock

Recently, Arik Hanson (@arikhanson) questioned whether corporate America is killing our PR writers because of the prolific use of jargon, gobbledygook...

PR / Media Relations

Moises' Commandments: Lessons from the N-Control PR Disaster

On Dec. 27, 2011, N-Control, a company that makes video game controller adapters to improve play for handicapped users and hardcore gamers, almost los...

PR / Media Relations Content

Newsjacking: The New Rules of PR Engagement

When a news story breaks, does your organization play by the traditional rules of engagement, or does your PR team snap into action and seize media op...

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Publicity and Professionalism

The professional approach to publicity includes keeping media contacts informed of news that is highly relevant to their beat and audience. In the ide...

PR / Media Relations Search

Is Matt Cutts the Most Powerful Man in PR?

Google is valued at $196 billion dollars. They control 65 percent of the U.S. search market, plan to hire more than 6,000 employees in 2011, and their...