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Is your site’s content going stale? Or is this the first time you’re considering offering a blog or resource section on your site? Either way, it sounds like it’s time for a new editorial calendar. And if you’re putting all of this work into creating new content, you’ll probably want it to rank. In April 2017, there were 345 million Tumblr blogs alone, which means there’s a lot of content to compete with these days. 

This post will help you lay the groundwork for an effective content calendar rooted in SEO strategy. If you’re looking for a new editorial approach, you’ve found the right resource. 

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Clean Up Your Business' Online Presence

Posted by Tracy Lewis on November 22, 2016

My favorite local hangout is a restaurant less than five minutes from my house. The large food portions, reasonable prices and friendly staff keep my husband and me returning. But, they weren’t always right down the street. Before moving to their current location, they were 10 minutes up the road.

When they announced the opening of the new, larger space, most established customers followed them eagerly. But would new customers be able to find this hidden gem?

That depends on where they are looking.

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Moz recently released its biannual Search Engine Rankings Correlation Study and Expert Survey. This is consistently an excellent read for anyone hoping to improve their optimization tactics and approach. 

The No. 1 item in Moz’s Ranking Factors summary reads: We continue to see lower correlations between on-page keyword use and rankings. This could likely be because Google is smarter about what pages mean (through related keywords, synonyms, close variants, and entities) without relying on exact keyword phrases. We believe matching user intent is of the utmost importance.

It was this aspect of search that Will Critchlow (@willcritchlow), CEO of Distilled, focused a large part of his INBOUND 2015 session on. The session, “The Future of Search,” described some of the dramatic changes affecting search results, and what we as marketers should be doing now to set our companies and clients up for success. 

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When in doubt, just pick “C.”

For many, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam is a scary beast of a test. Let me be the first to say passing the test is a piece of cake; the real value comes from applying Google Analytics in a strategic way. 

Whether you’ve never been certified before or you're updating for 2015, my goal is to help prepare you for the exam and enable you to apply the knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Read on for insight on what to expect from the new GAIQ exam, what resources are helpful, and additional tips to ensure your future success.

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As marketers, we’re familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). But, what if you’re tasked with app store optimization (ASO)?

According to TUNE’s 2014 mobile-usage survey, approximately half of all app downloaders find new apps by searching the app store (53% Android, 47% iOS).

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On April 21, Google rolled out its mobile-friendly update. If you listened closely, you heard the online marketer community collectively start to hold its breath.

Reason being, the full impact of the update could be significant (either positive or negative). It will play no favorites, as all websites across all locations and languages are subject to its judgment. 

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Anyone who has attempted local search optimization efforts knows how rewarding it can be (albeit slightly confusing at times) to set up and strategize for the search masters. Especially for the mom-and-pop shop, local business, or business with a niche geographic focus, local search optimization is critical to help businesses "get found" by the right audiences.

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Words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those that will listen, the enunciation of truth.”
V for Vendetta


But what happens when the words are silenced?

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You will never again hear me criticize teenaged girls for sobbing at the sight of their favorite boy band. I lived an hour in their shoes when Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan), editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, ledMatt Cutts (@mattcutts), head of Google’s Web Spam Team, and Duane Forrester(@duaneforrester), senior product manager with Bing’s Webmaster Program, on stage for the “How To Rank Better on Google and Bing” session at this year’s SXSW Interactive conference

For those of us who follow SEO closely, it doesn’t get much better than this, and the trio didn’t disappoint. The session was Q&A style, where the crowd asked search-related questions and the panelists answered in turn. 

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Inbound Marketing Industry Report, highlighting top articles and news stories from the fourth week of October, 2012.

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