Get to know Allison.

Allison Melnik (@allisonmelnik) is a consultant at PR 20/20. She joined the agency in March 2015 after completing a post-graduate internship. Allison is a 2014 graduate of Kent State University’s School of Communication Studies, where she earned a degree in organizational communications with a minor in public relations.

Allison has had the hunger for knowledge for as long as she can remember. She believes that no matter what stage you are in your professional career, there is always room to grow and expand your horizons.

Allison’s greatest professional moment thus far was completing her internship with PR 20/20. She took this opportunity to understand the core values of inbound marketing and how to apply them to her work at the agency. Her internship was the ultimate learning experience, and led her to a full-time position at a company she loves!

Allison is Inbound, HubSpot, Email Marketing, Social Media, Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified.

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Interests and Passions

In Allison’s spare time, she can often be found with her nose in a book. She has always been captivated by the idea of getting lost in a story. Allison also has a strong passion for photography. Since seventh grade, photography has been a way for her to express her creativity and share her passion with others.

Allison believes she has gotten to where she is today because of the ongoing love and support from her family and friends. She feels truly blessed to have so many positive people in her life always pushing her to become a better person.

Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: Allison loves spending her free time exploring the Cleveland Metro Parks and finding cool new locations to take scenic pictures. 
  • Fact #2: In college, Allison had a pet hedgehog named Brillo. 

  • Fact #3: She once won $2,500 on a $10 scratch-off lottery ticket.

What the Rest of the Team Says About Allison

  • Everyone at PR 20/20 agrees that Allison's energy, enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. "Allison has an infectiously positive attitude that radiates through her work and friendship."

  • You can always rely on her to deliver top-quality work, and she is consistently the first to raise her hand to help out.

  • Allison has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. As one team member noted, “She is one of the hardest working individuals I know. I really respect, and admire, her drive to challenge herself, learn and grow as a professional. She gives 120%—every time, and isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone to try something new.”

  • Allison is the office’s go-to book guru. "I'm amazed by the fact that she reads multiple books per week, and always walks with purpose. This girl is going somewhere—sky's no limit.

  • "Allison is by far one of my favorite people ever. She is hilarious, smart, detail-oriented and a true team player. Alli-boo is a perfect addition to our team :)"


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