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About Karly

Karly Van Boxel (@kvanbo95) is an associate consultant at PR 20/20. She joined the agency in May 2019 with a background in public relations, marketing and community engagement. Karly is a 2019 graduate of Kent State University, where she earned a degree in public relations and a minor in marketing.

Professional Moments

Karly’s interest in public relations came by chance. While unsure which career path she would pursue during her first few semesters of college, Karly volunteered for a Cleveland organization. There, she was put to work as the PR coordinator, learning the fundamental skills of event planning, advertising, budgeting and working alongside the press team in drafting and publishing press releases. Since then, she’s interned with multiple public relations and marketing agencies, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the Canton Museum of Art.

Karly's favorite professional aspect of the marketing industry is that every day is different. As the industry continues to evolve and technologies and consumer behaviors change, working professionals must adapt to and learn how to work with these changes.


Karly has earned the HubSpot Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Marketing Software certifications.

Interests and Passions

In her free time, Karly enjoys traveling with friends, hiking in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, exploring local breweries and attending concerts. Recently, Karly checked seeing Fleetwood Mac off her bucket list. With the free time in her post-grad life, she hopes to learn a new language.

Her parents, two brothers and grandparents play a huge role in her life, and she credits all her success to their unwavering love and support.

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Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: Karly played rugby in high school, where she was a flanker and eighthman.
  • Fact #2: Although she’s never been, Karly is obsessed with Paris and all things French. She has French heritage and would love to visit Charente, the village her ancestors are from.
  • Fact #3: Karly's favorite athlete growing up was Peyton Manning. She wrote him fan letters on several occasions but has and always will be an avid Browns fan.