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Get to know Libby.

Libby Bradford (@libby_bradford) is a consultant at PR 20/20. She joined the agency in January 2017 with a background in strategic communication, marketing and social media. She graduated from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in April 2017, with a focus in strategic communication.

Upon attending Ohio University, Libby had every intention of becoming a journalist. She started her freshman year as a journalism news and information major, but later switched to strategic communication. During her sophomore year, she solidified her dream of working at an agency to help shape client brands and share creative stories.

Her experience in this industry comes from her involvement in student organizations on campus at OU and internship opportunities. Libby served as the Vice President of Member Relations for the Hugh M. Culbertson PRSSA Chapter, as well an Account Executive for the student-run public relations firm, ImPRessions. Her greatest professional moment thus far was completing her internship with PR 20/20. It was during this time that she became fully engrossed in the strategies of inbound marketing and agency life.




During her time at PR 20/20, Libby has earned the HubSpot Academy: Inbound Marketing Certification and Marketing Software Certification.

Interests and Passions

Outside of the office, Libby enjoys traveling, visiting with family, meeting friends for half-priced sushi and crafting the perfect Bloody Mary. Thanks to her grandpa, she’s an avid runner with dreams of qualifying for the Boston Marathon someday. She enjoys friendly competition, especially over a game of kickball or Yahtzee. 

Personally and professionally, Libby is passionate about surrounding herself with new experiences that challenge her to adapt and grow.   

Libby thanks her parents for their endless support and love, as well as her three older siblings for their ever-growing friendship. She wouldn’t be where she’s today without her dad’s humor and her mom’s hugs.

Fun Facts

  • Fact #1: After traveling across nine states in four days with a bulldog in the backseat, Libby learned her love for adventure and a passion to rescue animals.
  • Fact #2: When she was younger, Libby aspired to become an Olympic athlete and tattoo the rings on her lower calf. Though that did not happen, she enjoys training for local marathons and remains tattoo-less.

  • Fact #3: She once spent $25 on a Bloody Mary in Nashville. Still to this day, she believes it was worth every penny.

What the Rest of the Team Says About Libby

  • Libby has the "kind of confidence and friendliness that you notice as soon as she walks into the room." She's eager to learn and is constantly improving, which makes her an asset on account teams. 

  • She's very good at thinking big picture and brings a positive vibe to every meeting. Libby "has the best attitude, and she's driven to make an impact for her teams and clients." 

  • Libby is awesome to have in the office: she's hilarious and works hard to learn, improve, and excel.

  • "Libby’s willingness to try new things, and always with the most positive attitude possible, is one of my favorite things about her. I can always ask her to try something she’s never done before, and she’ll gladly accept the challenge."


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