Director of the Marketing AI Institute & Senior Consultant


Get to know Mike.

Mike Kaput (@MikeKaput) is the Director of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute and a senior consultant at PR 20/20. He joined the agency in 2012 with a background in journalism. He’s a 2009 graduate of Denison University, where he majored in political science with a minor in English. 

Mike has always loved stories. Whether writing bad Transformers comics when he was five or working for national magazines, he can’t resist a good tale well told. His own story has taken him from his Cleveland roots to live in Egypt and travel the Middle East—and back again. 

After joining PR 20/20, Mike worked to develop his writing skills in tandem with training in inbound marketing principles, marketing automation platforms like HubSpot, and marketing / business strategy. 

I find marketing one of the most fascinating disciplines out there because, at the end of the day, it’s about people—how they behave and what motivates them,” Mike says. “There’s nothing more satisfying than working hard to understand the wants and needs of others so you can add value to their lives."

The best thing about PR 20/20, Mike says, is the people, hands down. There are few opportunities to work with such a talented group of world-class professionals.


Interests and Passions

Mike’s personal mission is to go to bed smarter than when he woke up. To that end, he can’t go a day without reading. He loves biographies, history and science fiction. The opportunity to live and learn from new perspectives is such a blessingstrong>, and one that drives him to better himself every day.

He also can’t go too long without tacos, or he gets cranky.

Nothing makes Mike happier than the opportunity every day to be exposed to great people, experiences and ideas. His proudest personal moment was when he decided to pick up everything and live in Egypt for two years. 

Mike’s mom is a guiding force in his life. She’s helped him through the thick and thin, the ups and downs. He also owes a huge debt to Iron Man, who constantly reminds him that life is too short not to be awesome.

What the Rest of the Team Says About Mike

  • "He's witty, smart and unbelievably funny. If you ever need to smile, he's your guy for a pick-me-up and a laugh." Another team member added, "He's found a way to meld empathy and a good will with biting sarcasm and razor-sharp wit." 

  • "He's well-read, open minded, and curious about 'why' and 'how' things are the way they are. Mike's drive to learn is a skill that already translates well in his writing, and will take him far in the ever-changing digital marketing scene."

  •  "He fits in seamlessly with PR 20/20's quirky dynamic and fun-loving company culture." 
  • "He is one of my closest friends—offering heartfelt advice and a unique perspective on life.” 
  • "The first time I met Mike, he was wearing an Iron Man arc reactor. We instantly became best friends. I then learned he's a very talented and driven professional, and a great addition to the team."

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