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About Sammie

Sammie Fisher (@SammieFisher3) is an associate consultant at PR 20/20. She joined the agency in January 2018 with a background in PR, marketing and business analytics. Sammie graduated from Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism in 2018 with a degree in strategic communication and a marketing minor.

Professional Moments

Sammie first decided to pursue a career in PR and marketing while on a mission trip in Honduras. The children in the orphanage she volunteered in had stories worth sharing, which sparked a desire to tell a story at the core of everything she does. While studying strategic communication in college, she married that love of storytelling with a passion for consumer research and data.

All her pursuits stem from the desire to continually learn, which is why she loves how rapidly the marketing industry evolves. The opportunity to consistently improve, reach client goals and excel as a team are her favorite parts of working at PR 20/20.


Sammie has earned the HubSpot Inbound and HubSpot Marketing Software certifications.

Interests and Passions

Sammie strives to find enjoyment in everything life has to offer. Her mom taught her to always dance in the kitchen when it has to be cleaned, and that fun-loving attitude spills into everything she does. Even when working out, Sammie does it with a smile. 

As an avid extravert, she is always knocking on a friend’s door and immersing herself in the presence of others. She hopes to travel more to surround herself with even more humans, even though she is incredibly thankful for the ones she can call friends and family.


Fun Facts

  • Fact #1 She saw 30 concerts in one summer while interning for a concert venue in Cincinnati.
  • Fact #2 Sammie’s dance moves make Elaine Benes (think Seinfeld) look GOOD.
  • Fact #3 Sammie wrote a pitch letter to Wheel of Fortune offering to take over for Vanna White. Still no word.

What the Rest of the PR 20/20 Team Says About Sammie 

  • Sammie isn't afraid to take on new challenges. "She knows the right questions to ask and does whatever is needed to do an exceptional job."
  • Her can-do attitude is "extremely inspiring to her teammates. With her on our team, I feel like we can't lose."
  • Sammie radiates positivity, making her a joy to work with. "She's also sharp as a tack and picks up any topic quickly and effectively." 
  • She does a superb job of being proactive at anticipating needs, then delivering great work based on those needs. "This is an INVALUABLE skill, and makes her a great resource to account teams and clients!"
  • "Sammie is such a bubbly, energetic person who seems to have a zest for life. It rubs off on everybody in the office!"