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On a quarterly basis, PR 20/20 offers 3-month, college or post-graduate internships for students who want to expand their knowledge of inbound marketing and gain experience working at an agency. Interns are fully integrated members of the PR 20/20 team, supporting on client accounts, involved in daily meetings and included in agency activities.

While day-to-day tasks vary, interns have an opportunity to contribute to client work and complete inbound marketing training in all core service areas: analytics, brand, blogging, content, email and lead nurturing, PR/media relations, sales and marketing alignment, search, social media, strategy, website development.

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A Great Learning Experience

See what past PR 20/20 interns have to say about their experiences.

Zac-Intern-Page-Resized.png"Coming into my internship, I wanted to learn as much as I could in three months, and I really feel like I learned more at PR 20/20 than I would in any college class.”

— Zac Sommer, interned Fall 2017, joined PR 20/20 in December 2017

Sammie_Fisher-2.png"PR 20/20 is a forward-thinking agency that taught me more in three short months than I could have imagined. I felt like an integral part of the team and learned about emerging AI trends daily. Not only did I get hands-on experience from day one, I gained professional mentors and friends I'll have throughout my career."

— Sammie Fisher, interned summer 2017, joined PR 20/20 in May 2018

allison"I found my post-grad internship with PR 20/20 to be an invaluable experience. I learned the importance of irreplaceable skills such as time management, delivering client ready work and having the drive to never stop learning. My internship led me to discover my true passion, and drove me to obtain a career at an agency that makes me love coming to work every day."

                              — Allison Melnik, interned winter 2014, joined PR 20/20 in March 2015


"The PR 20/20 team encouraged me to grow professionally. While given valuable client experience, I also had the opportunity to receive certifications and gain skills that could be used anywhere in my field.”

— Raquel Richards, interned summer 2015

Internship Details

  • Duration: 3-month internship. (Start and end dates are flexible.)
  • Business Days: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.
  • Paid: Yes.
  • Duties/Responsibilities: Support 1-3 client accounts, complete a customized professional development program, contribute one agency blog post and deliver an end-of-internship presentation.
  • Performance Evaluations: Clearly defined performance metrics are evaluated during end-of-internship performance review.
  • Takeaways: 3-5 portfolio pieces, end-of-internship presentation and performance scorecard, PR 20/20 friends for life.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall (Sept.-Nov.): Applications accepted until July 15.
  • Winter (Dec.-Feb.): Applications accepted until Oct. 15.
  • Spring (March-May): Applications accepted until Jan. 15.
  • Summer (June-Aug.): Applications accepted until April 15.
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